Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day 1020 - Virgin Australia

What's it like to be an international Virgin traveller?

Deep Fried Fruit - Going Virgin
 Well to be honest I was really looking forward to hanging off Sir Richard B's coat tails, and then I got a bit shat off that they wouldn't accept our request for Virgin Australia Lounge membership*, but then I got all excited again because Virgin planes look so pretty and they really are one hell of an airline.

We arrived at Sydney International Airport and the desk lady was super helpful and very courteous.  Then we headed through Customs and saw our plane on the tarmac and got a bit excited.  It was with absolute delight that we got on board and found that cattle class was pretty classy and had heaps of leg room (comparatively speaking).

Deep Fried Fruit - drinking G&T over the Pacific Ocean
Yes, there was at least around 15 centimetres more than the Air New Zealand plane I was on a month ago, plus the over head storage units are designed in such a way that you don't have to duck to get out of your seat, nor do you need to necessarily climb over everyone to get something out.  They're kind of more "flush" or something making life much more bearable. 

Oh, and their main meal was scrummy (breakfast - not so much to my taste) and their air hostesses were really smiley and friendly.  Not like those grumpy old "I'm at the end of my working life" flight attendants you get with some airlines (not mentioning any names ... United).  I was particularly impressed with the little things, like headphones in red, purple or blue (instead of boring black or grey), a funny little tray table mat with a story on it that paid homage to tray table mats, and a help yourself chip, soft drink and water area for middle of the night snacks.  They were also very kind (and quite generous) with their mixed-drink bar selection. And the in-flight entertainment was great (although I thought Black Swan was going to be a lovely ballet movie .... not a porno horror flick... I should have taken notice of the R rating I guess.)

But ....

This is where things turned sour. 

They don't serve champagne!! I am not me without my sparkly.  A holiday without bubbles is no holiday at all! Instead I had to settle for a gin and tonic and then a few vodka and sodas.  I think a nice little 'suggestion letter' is in order ...

The only other 'con' is that whole Virgin Lounge thing.  You will recall that Husband and I were finally wanting to get some sort of airline membership and we were trying to choose who to go with.  Booking this trip with Virgin was in part because we had chosen then as our regular airline. But the bastards rejected us!*

Flying Virgin - over the Pacific Ocean

Oh well. The airports were ok and if the truth be known, we don't really need a lounge.  People-watching at international airports is fun! And without the internet we actually had to take the time to talk to each other. 

Yeah ... being an international Virgin traveller is pretty cool.  We'll do it again**

PS Please excuse the shocking grammar, spelling and general jet-lagginess of my writing.  It was written after 26 hours travelling (and with my mouth watering for a cocktail).  Priorities.

*Apparently it's not enough to pay your $300+ registration fee and then your $300 annual membership fee, you've got to actually earn status points before you get to wander into the Virgin Lounge.  Status points!! Are you telling me I'm not worthy? After praising you and idolising you for years Mr Branson you go and tell me I need more status! Well ... I never! 

** Of course we will, they've got us hooked and now we have to fly to get their status points! The sneaky bastards. Clearly it's all part of their evil plan ...


  1. Always good to get reviews from real people who fly. Im as careful as you about who I fly with internationally, never gone Virgin before might just give them a go if the price is right. Have a safe flight!
    I got your book in the mail yesterday thanks so much I cant wait to sit back and have a read x

  2. You're so lucky! I love traveling in style, and spacious storage containers are only the beginning. Sounds like they have great service and amenities.

  3. I'd love to try out their service. Having a good Perth storage unit is one of my must-haves in a flight.

  4. I do not know if the headphones of airplanes are good or bad, I can guarantee that the headphones from av accessories are really good in quality and also affordable. They are really easy to carry.


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