Sunday, July 22, 2012

Day 1021 - Vegas Outlet Shopping

Our holidays aren't complete until we've been outlet shopping.

It's a little Langdown "tradition" to shop at the outlets.  Tacky I know, but we just don't tend to go shopping during "normal" life so when we go on holidays we let loose. And I'm a clothing scrooge so NEVER pay full price for shoes or clothes. EVER. Absolutely refuse to ... which means outlets are perfect for me.

From the Wynne hotel we were able to walk across the street and catch a $7 bus (ticket valid for 24 hours) to the Las Vegas Premium Outlets. You can choose whether you want the North outlets or the South outlets (which are at opposite ends of town).  We chose the south ones based on the stores that we wanted to visit. 

Derek was after some dress shorts, summer weight shirt and shoes. I was after white capris, a hat, and dress shorts. Plus of course we wanted to keep our eyes open for bribery/guilt gifts for the kids.  We both got exactly what we needed with the stores of the day being Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Van Heusen, Bass, Lee and Derek even picked up a pair of shoes from Dr Schoell's. Every store we went to was around 25-60% off already discounted prices.  Plus we received vouchers for additional $5 discounts for many of our chosen stores. Bonus! My haul came to around $80 and Derek's was around $150.

Deep Fried Shopping - Vegas Outlets - my stash

Deep Fried shopping - Vegas outlets - Derek's stash
After around four hours we got back on the bus and headed up the strip towards the hotel. The bus we were on was the express service which meant a quicker trip and much fewer stops.  That's great for a direct route, but not so good when you want to get off at the nearest grocery store.  We got off a few blocks from Walgreens and ended up walking (with all our bags) in the peak time pedestrian traffic in 40+ heat. Holy crap.  It was bloody hot and bloody slow.  I tell ya, it's great to escape the Canberra frosts right now, but if you can choose what time of year you head to Vegas, this may not be optimum.  The heat is like a wall the moment you walk outside and without a breeze it sucks the life out of you.  Visions of me lying by the pool all day are gone.  To be honest I'm not sure how we're going to spend our days, other than indoors in the comfort of our room! Which is where I am now ... drinking copious amounts of water and admiring my purchases, while Derek sleeps in his jocks next to me.

I'm looking forward to Cathy's arrival tomorrow.  Right now though I may take a nap next to my snoring hubby.

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  1. You are in Vegas! You must be melting. Take the 45-minute flight to LA and head to the beach. :)

  2. I'm like you, I never pay full price for anything. My bargain purchase today was three pairs of undies for less than the original retail price of one, at Myer 30% off the already discounted price. Bargain!
    Oh, and I'd prefer the heat of Vegas to the cold of Canberra any day. Just head for the nearest casino, open 24/7 and with aircon... not to mention plenty of entertainment!

  3. Melting is an under statement Kristyn!

    Bargain may actually be my middle name Lisa.


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