Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day 1023 - Vegas Cocktails

It's cocktail hour 24/7 in Vegas

Deep Fried Fruit and bestie - $1 Margaritas
It seems you can pay as much or as little as you want when it comes to drinking in Vegas. The same applies for food.  It even applies to gambling!

We were lucky to have a regular Vegas visitor acting as our tour guide last night to give us a great familiarisation walking tour of the strip pointing out the $7 steak houses and $1 cocktail bars along the way.  Being the scrooge that I am I jumped at the chance to drink dollar strawberry margaritas and eat $2 tacos.

Vegas really is as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be. You've just got to know what you are doing.  Whether through advice or trial n error we've managed to get a lot of bang for our buck over the last few days.  Sure, the strawberry margaritas are small and don't come in lovely glasses nor wear cute decorations, but they are margaritas none-the-less and you get to take them with you as you walk from bar to bar and casino to casino.

That's one of the great things about Vegas ... no need to finish up your drinks before you move on.  It's one great big travelling bar with everyone walking the streets, drinks in hand. Hell, you can even walk through the Wynn with a great big disposal cup filled with your own store bought liquor.  Last night the boys even called into Walgreens as we walked the streets and picked up a gigantic can of Coors each to take on the road with them. It's one great big party!

Deep Fried Gambling
A nice little bonus on the 1 cent machine
As for gambling there are some casinos that offer you a free spin on outdoor slot machines.  We all won $50 gambling vouchers to use inside on the slots.  When you are a scroogy non-gambler like me it's a great way to sit at a machine without using a cent of your own money.  The catch is you can't withdraw the money unless you win $100 (or 4000 credits).  But that's ok, I managed to pull 3 sevens in a row which gave me lots to play with while the boys worked the tables.

When it comes to food you can scope out the buffets (see yesterday's post), eat at food courts, find small cafes and quick bites in the casinos, or sit down at lovely restaurants.  There is a world of choice. 

Speaking of a world of choice, check out the new Paris casino. It's an outdoor wonderland (all built indoors) with Parisian cafes, burlesque dancing, blue skies, French architecture and all at the feet of the Eiffel Tower.  Here I am with my bestie who I finally got to hug after far too long. 

Deep Fried besties - inside the Paris casino
The Paris casino - street view
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  1. Sounds like my kind of holiday - $2 cocktails and not having to drink it before the next place. Vegas is sounding better and better as a holiday destination :) Have fun x

  2. When I was 18 my ex-husband's grandfather gave us each $5 to play the pokies at his local club. It was 1989, and the one and only time I ever played the pokies. I think it was a 1c machine too! LOL

    Enjoy the rest of your trip, and I guess Deep Fried has taken on new meaning in the Vegas heat!

  3. Having fun :) Thanks so much for doing the virtual pub crawl with me ladies

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