Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day 1024 - The European Pool

Ever wanted to get your "girls" out ladies? This is the place to do it ...

Deep Fried legs - at the Wynn family pool
At the Wynn hotel there are a few pools to choose from, and they are all pretty posh.  They are also quite kid friendly and have cabanas for hire (if you're a gazillionaire) to keep you cool in the desert sun. 

Then there's the "European" pool.  There ain't nothing kid friendly about this one. Let's just call it the Vegas-tit-fest and be done with it, because at this pool it's time to get your jugs out.

Deep Fried view of the European pool*
Given there are a whole bunch of us who are here without kids, we've chosen to hang at the adult pool, just because we can.  (And in large part so the boys can get an eye full.)  Coming from Australia I don't see it as much of a novelty of course because topless sunbaking in Oz is fairly common. What is a novelty is that women of all shapes and sizes are doing it. I mean, at home it's usually the nice little perky fresh fruit that you see.  Here it's a free-for-all. Brown ones, white ones, pink ones, orange ones, big ones, small ones, firm ones, saggy ones, natural ones, enhanced ones, wrinkly ones ... even ones that roll into the stomach fat and continue on all the way down the legs to the cankles. Bravo ladies, bravo! I love that women are living in complete mammary abandon.  People-watching has taken on a whole new level as we sip midday margaritas and conduct booby surveillance. 

I have not conformed to the European theme and displayed my Deep Fried mangoes just yet.  I think the glare off my white pointers may be a little blinding for the other guests. And besides ... there's only so much you wanna share with your best friend's husband. 

But who knows ... give me a few more pomegranate margaritas and I may get my puppies out for a walk.  We'll see ...

(But you won't get to see ... coz what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas and all that ....)

*This discrete little photo was taken of the pool in the early morning before I knew that photography was forbidden** at the European pool, and I deliberately avoided the jug-o-nauts out of respect for their owners.

** We witnessed a group of men taking photos and a security guard quickly approaching them, confiscating their cameras and deleting all pictures.  Good to know.

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