Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day 1025 - Old Vegas Strip

Fremont Street

Deep Fried Fruit with bestie and Elvis in Fremont Street
If you want to hang out in the the Vegas of Old then head on over to Fremont Street. This is my fourth trip to Vegas* yet til now I'd never done the old part of town. I loved it! Definitely my favourite area.

This is where you get the flashing lights** and street characters making you feel like you've just stepped out of an Elvis movie.  Viva Las Vegas at its finest ...

These days when you go to Vegas you'll usually stay around Las Vegas Boulevarde, or "the strip".  That's the modern Vegas with casinos such as The Mirage, Treasure Island, MGM, the Venetian, the Palazzo, New York New York, Caesar's Palace and so on. These casinos are exquisite and usually themed to make you feel like you've entered another world.  To be honest I'd say it's Disneyland for adults, and it's quite glamorous.

Fremont Street on the other hand, is more glitz than glamour.  It's all flashing lights and colourful characters.  It's feathers and fish nets and frivolity.  It's got a spirit that runs through it going back for decades.  Walking down Fremont Street makes you believe that Elvis could actually be alive.

Having said that they have added a modern twist to this area of town.  In order to "compete" against the new strip they had to create a sense of novelty around the original Vegas, so they've closed off Fremont Street to traffic and made it pedestrian only.  There's a huge big roof covering the length and breadth of the area (the Viva Vision Canopy) with a light show that rocks the place every evening.  Referred to as the Fremont Street Experience it's a mixture of vintage Vegas with high tech wonderment. To fully describe it I would have to say it was stunning visuals mixed with glittery lights, sound effects and crowds of people. Our Viva Vision experience last night was "A Tribute to Queen" where we got to waggle our butts to "we will rock you" and "we are the champions". If it wasn't because of my migraine we'd have definitely partied well into the wee small hours. 

Video borrowed from You Tube.

*I was also in Vegas in my early 20s - 1991, 1993 and 1996. I don't remember much about it - and not because I was having a "The Hangover" moment - but it was just so long ago. My Deep Fried brain can only recall snippets of information. So this trip may as well be my first time ...

** My favourite part of this was the flashing lights yet it was also my mortal enemy. Going to Fremont Street with a migraine is not a good idea. We had to leave "early" because a combination of lights and cigarette/cigar smoke took me to the point of migranous vomitous.  Bugger.


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