Sunday, July 29, 2012

Day 1028 - Last Day in Vegas

And just like that it comes to an end ...

It really is time to go home. There's only so many blisters you can get and so much drinking you can do walking up and down the strip.  Having said that, we wanted to make sure our last couple of nights were worthwhile so we thought long and hard about how we'd spend them. 

After our day at Red Rock Canyon we took the food we bought at the Whole Food Market and hosted drinks and nibbles in our room for Cathy, Mike and all their friends.  Then the four amigos separated from the group and went to a little Italian restaurant in the Venetian for some hand made pasta and other Italian delights. It was there that my body started to complain bitterly about a week of indulgence and had me twitching in pain.  It seems my internal organs are sick of Vegas.* But I survived the imploding gas bubbles and continued on with the evening.

While we were at the Venetian I was on a mission to buy myself some hair.  Now, before I go any further, I forgot to tell you that the other day while shopping at the outlets I got sucked into "trying on" a hair piece to extend and thicken my locks.  That was an easy sell so I sat in a chair in the middle of the mall and had a big long hair piece mixed in with my own hair.  When it came time to talk money I couldn't rip that thing out fast enough.  $399!!! But it's real human hair she says. Then give it back to it's owner, I say.  So since then the whole hair extension thing has played on my mind (that and watching too much Kim Kardashian).  So my trusty tour guides told me about a cheaper option at the Venetian and I was on a mission to get myself a nice thick bun.  Not  only did I get my bun, but it can also be a lovely long Kim Kardashian style pony tail. I'm in! And only $59.  Not human of course ... but a great replica. I spent the rest of the night playing slot machine black jack with a magically long pony tail draped elegantly over my shoulder.

A Deep Fried "see ya later"
The next morning (hair now in a zip lock bag on my bathroom counter) it was time to say farewell to Cathy and Mike.  We knew the time would come but that doesn't make it any easier.  They had an early flight so after four hours sleep we joined them at the front of the hotel as they got ready to head to the airport.  It was with tears and hugs that we said "this is not goodbye, it's just see you later". I spent the rest of the day being very grumpy and weepy. So I did the only thing a girl in that state could do and went shopping.

After more time by the pool yesterday arvo we then met up with our trusty tour guides**  Derek and I had wanted to go to a show of some description but left it too late to organise, so instead we decided we'd do Planet Hollywood.  Unfortunately we assumed the Planet Hollywood casino would also house the Planet Hollywood themed restaurant. Not so.  It wasn't until we got down there that our tour guide said "oh, you wanted the restaurant - that's up at Caesar's Palace".  It is?! Well that's a stupid place for it.  So instead we went to the PBR Rock Bar and Grill just outside the Planet Hollywood casino on the strip. 

A Deep Fried pony tail!
Who needs Planet Hollywood memorabilia when you can watch silly women wearing mini skirts and g-strings on a mechanical bull while you wait for your table to be ready.  Seriously. Watching those jiggly bare bums get thrown across the room was the best entertainment I've had in a long time and blows Cirque du Soleil out of the water.  After a feed of deep fried pickle spears, taco pizza, brisket and horseradish mashed potato we were hoofing it up the strip again in search of the perfect margarita. I'm not sure we found it but watching bits and pieces of the Opening Ceremony in Margaritaville certainly was relaxing.  Watching the barman throw cups, bottles and cocktail shakers was also pretty cool.

And that brings me to now.  My husband is waiting down at the pool for our last morning of sunshine while I blog and pack up here in the room. In a couple of hours we are due to check out of the hotel and fill in our day before our evening flight to LA and back home.  It's been a great week but I'm done.  It's time to get back home to cuddle my babies and cleanse.  I will miss the friendships and the freedom, but probably won't miss the cigarette smoke, extreme heat and noise.  That can all stay in Vegas .... (but my hair is coming home with me).

See you on the other side of the date line peeps! Cheers.

Foot notes:
*I let loose in the food department.  If it was deep fried, had cheese, bacon and oil, I was eating it! Yeah, I had my yogurt and fruit for breakfast to appease my guilt but I have definitely put on about 5kg since I arrived. Part of the pain the other night was probably because my trousers were too tight and I couldn't breathe.  There were pockets of wind trapped in my waist band for sure ...  This here is a case of "what happens in Vegas will DEFINITELY stay in Vegas".  Back to meat, salad and vegetables when I get home.

**Steve and Coletta are party of Cathy's Pennsylvania crew.  Steve knows the ins and outs of Vegas and can find the cheapest meals, best value drinks, out of the way eateries, hidden casinos and easiest walking paths.  There were some tips so hot that I couldn't even blog about them in case the rest of the world cottoned-on to it all and ruined it for the rest of us.  I am trying to convince them to start their own travel blog.  I'll let you know if I succeed. 


  1. Part of the fun of travelling is the food and drinks for me, so I will definately not be giving you any sympathy for indulging! But Im sure you'll detox once home with lots of water and fresh food and you'll be back to normal and lose those extra kgs. Happens to everyone when they travel .. its all those cocktails :)

  2. You're right of course. The cocktails played a huge part of it. Hope I dont go through alcohol withdrawal.


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