Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Day 1030 - Girl Power

Cheer Chick Charlie reviewed in Girl Power Magazine

While I was off gallivanting around Las Vegas my PR "machine" was whirring quietly away back here in Oz.

Derek and I went to the supermarket before the school run yesterday and I popped into the newsagent "just in case" Charlie was reviewed in one of the kiddie mags.  The magazines are sealed so I couldn't just flick through, but the lovely newsagent lady was very helpful and let me open a few to scope it out.  BINGO!! With a squeal of delight we found Charlie right at the top of the book review page in Girl Power Magazine.* She got a "rad reads recommendation" rating of 5 out of 5 book worms! I think that's a win.

When we got home from the school run** I was delighted to find out through a lovely Facebook buddy (and avid Deep Fried Fruit reader) that my home town rag had done a piece on me.  Yep, you know you've made it when you're in the Goulburn Post! It seems my PR Rep (aka Mum) was not only looking after my kids while I was swanning around Nevada, but she was also hard at work at Cheer Chick Charlie Central liaising with the media.  Good work Mum. You're worth more money.

Deep Fried Fruit - Goulburn Post Article
THEN, it that's not enough, my cousin told me that we've also been written up in the Milton-Ulladulla newspaper down the coast.  She's sending me copies in the post today.

I think I might head overseas again.  It turns out the wheels work better when I'm not around ...

*I met the Editor of Girl Power Magazine - Amy - on my Disney familiarisation tour.  I was able to "sell" Charlie face-to-face which is always a good thing.  It's given me the confidence to now start approaching other magazines.  If I've learned anything on this journey its that you've got to keep your eyes open and take every opportunity as soon as it presents itself.

** It was so good to pick Darby up from school early yesterday. We had the front office call him out of class, and he came running through the playground with a huge grin. We had hugs all round. We took him home and waited (a little impatiently) for Tahlia to come home on the bus.  She came bursting through the front door and pounding up the stairs for more hugs.  What a home coming! Then it was time to hand out the "guilt gifts". Perhaps it was just the gifts they were after all along?  


  1. Five out of five book worm sounds like a great endorsement Leanne! And homecoming hugs - how awesome.

  2. yay love this post!! love the promotion!! Congrats and keep it up!

  3. Great news! Sounds like you've got the whole PR thing covered ... you'll have to give us all lessons ;-)

  4. Well done to you and your Mum and Cheer Chick Charlie!

  5. Homecomings are always great. Fantastic to see all the media for the series. Had a giggle at your new found age of 40! Way to lose a couple of years. I hear this is how the starlets do it in Hollywood. ;-)

  6. I am soooo excited for you! That is beyond awesome!
    Yes, definitely head overseas again, London is interesting ATM ;)

  7. thanks for your support guys! London does sound good. Pity I didn't win that Samsung Global Blogger gig. Bum.


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