Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Day 1031 - Switch 1197

What happens when you Google recipes for Deep Fried Fruit?  You find me apparently!
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That's what the guys from Brisbane's Switch 1197 were doing when they discovered little ol' me on my little ol' blog. They weren't actually trying to find a fit and fabulous 40 year old, but more of a deep fried banana.  Close I suppose.

Anyway, I intrigued them enough to want to interview me for their breakfast show this morning.  For a show aimed at 18-30 year old's with a focus on Youth Alternative music mixes, I thought my journey into middle age might have been a bit of a stretch for them, but it seems we did alright.

I can safely say I thoroughly enjoyed my first ever radio interview.

It all started when I finally turned on my phone after spending a week in Vegas.* There was a Tweet I'd previously missed from @PricelessTim from Switch asking me to come on the show.  Sure! Happy to oblige Timbo.  But who are you, and what's the station, and why do you want to interview me?

It is because I am a self-proclaimed-world-famous children's book author?

Is it because my reputation as a Canberra success consultant and motivational speaker has jumped across state lines to the sunshine state?

Is it because you heard about my role in the Australian cheerleading industry and the work I do in motivating and empowering children??

Is it because I give good blog?

Um .... no.  It's because we were trying to find recipes on how to deep fry some fruit and your website came up.

Ohhh.  Right.  But I am deep fried ... and you are youth  ... and I have no idea how to deep fry a banana. (Although, just quietly, I used to do it many years ago when I worked for a charcoal chicken place in Goulburn. But age has erased the how-to aspects of that experience.)

That's ok ... the name of your blog sounds interesting so let's just go with that.

Righteo then! Let's do it.  And besides, any publicity is good publicity, right?

Which brings us to today and my first ever radio interview where we talked about deep fried bananas, blogging, blog names, being middle aged, being afraid of middle age and if you can't create a rock band then creating a blog has got to be the next best thing.

Thanks Tim and Dan for a lovely morning! See below for You Tube video of the interview.

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Happy Wednesday!

PS Here is a picture of deep fried banana.  It looks more like a deep fried man bit.  Just saying ...

Foot Notes:
* I didn't want to bother with the whole roaming thing while in the US and the ridiculously suicidal phone bills on return.  So I went completely phoneless for 10 days. Eeek! It was a little touch and go there for a while but in the end I was weened.  So weened in fact that my first day back in the home office I forgot I even had a phone and left it turned off at the bottom of my handbag.  Six missed calls and three texts later I decided I should probably return to the land of modern connectivity. 


  1. What a fun opportunity. Can't wait to hear the interview.

  2. Hello Leanne. I heard your interview via their dab+ digital radio. I actually live over the state line from Las Vegas in Arizona. My name's Ethan and I like Switch 1197's music and accents so... made the switch. Anyhow, just wanted to pay you a compliment. You sound so inspiringly positive. Warm and refreshing. You seem to be holding onto youth -apart from any numbers - really well. I enjoyed your perspectives you shared. I don't think I would like my fruit deep fried though. Oh, did you like LV? Did you go to City Center and the Cosmopolitan? My peeps favorite spots over there. Vegas got it goin' on if you know where to look. You seem to as well so stay brilliant and ....keep shinin', Leanne! Peace.

  3. Hi Boomerang Jane. Did you get to hear the interview in the end?

    Hi Ethan! So lovely to hear from you :) My husband and I loved Vegas! And yes, we did wander through the Cosmopolitan. We didn't get to Arizona this trip but we have been before. Once (many years ago) we even stayed the night at Tombstone Arizona and hung out at Big Nose Kate's Saloon. Great times! This trip the only time we went off the strip was to drive out to Red Rock Canyon. Loved it. Thanks so much for your very kind words and for listening to Switch! I look forward to seeing you around my blog more often :) :) :)


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