Friday, August 3, 2012

Day 1033 - A Give Away!

It's time to wash those winter blues away with a Deep Fried Give Away!!

Some of these products could be in your bathroom!
The wonderful people at Herbal Essences have given me not one, but TWO jam-packed winter style prize packs to give away.

And all you have to do is say "pick me!"  That's it. Nothing else.  Just comment, email, Facebook, text or Tweet (#DFFGiveAway) and say "pick me!"  You don't even have to say please.

It's that simple.  Competition is open to Australian residents only and closes next Thursday 9 August at midnight. The winners will be announced next Friday morning.

Prize packs will include:
Tousle Me Softly shampoo and conditioner
Long Term Relationship shampoo and conditioner
Long Term Relationship mask
Set Me Up hairspray supersize
Set Me Up mousse

So go ahead ... say it ... you know you want to ... PICK ME! PICK ME! PICK ME!

By the way, I 've been using a few different products in the Herbal Essences range and I am loving the smell, the texture and the results.  It definitely adds a burst of summer fruit to my otherwise frosty Canberra morning.  My daughter has been using the Tousle Me Softly products and her bathroom smells like a spring bouquet! 


  1. Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!

  2. No, pick me!! Pick me!! What an excellent prize pack. Rachel x

  3. ppppppiiiiiccccccckkkkkk meeee!!! love it!!

  4. Pick me!!! Love this Shampoo/Conditioner!

  5. No, no!!! Pick MOOOOOIIIIII!!! ;)

  6. Pick me ... please!!! I can't help having good manners :)

  7. Pick me pretty please with a cherry on top! :)

  8. Please pick me
    Please choose me
    Please select me

  9. I put ALL your names in a hat (and those of my Twitter and Facebook entries as well) and the winners are: Lisa Sexton from Goulburn (Facebook) and Kim-Marie from Kimbalikes!! Woot Woot! Congratulations beautiful peeps. Please email your postal address and the Herbal Essences people will send it right out to you! To see the draw take place head on over to Day 1040


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