Saturday, August 4, 2012

Day 1034 - Gratitude and a Give Away

Are you living in the attitude of gratitude?

I coach people in work-from-home-business and part of my training includes a five step daily activities check list.  Without going into too much detail (and giving away all my coaching secrets) the fifth step  is "gratitude and celebration".

To move forward positively in life, business, career, sport or whatever endeavour you're pursuing, it's essential to take stock at the end of each day and say "What did I achieve today? What will I celebrate? What am I grateful for?" There is ALWAYS something to celebrate and be grateful for. This simple act of thanks and recognition trains the brain to notice the wins (no matter how big or small).  By acknowledging your achievements you are more inclined to continue on the path. It's much easier to continue the climb when you can look behind you and acknowledge just how far you've come because every step forward makes a difference.

The number one secret to joy and fulfillment is gratitude.

Wanting what you already have, rather than having to have what you want.

The happiest people are those who recognise what they HAVE in their life rather than focusing on what they don't.  If you're always looking at the gaps in your life, you'll end up falling into one and it's pretty hard to get back out.

So on this fabulous Saturday take a moment to look back at your week.  What wonderful things happened in your world?*

This week I am grateful to be back home with my kids, to have a mother who is around when I'm not, for vegetables and fruit juice, for Ugg boots and heaters, for my bath and for porridge.

I am also grateful to Herbal Essences for the fantastic giveaway they are offering my readers.  For your chance to win one of two HUGE winter essentials packs all you have to do is say PICK ME either via comment on this blog, Facebook, email, text or Twitter (#DFFGiveAway).  This competition is open to Australian residents only and closes next Thursday night at midnight.  Winners to be announced on Friday.

And while You're living in the attitude of gratitude, be sure to head on over to Kidspot for more Saturday gratefuls in their 52 Weeks of Gratitude segment.  Share the love!

Foot Notes:
*I ask my kids this question every day after school. "What wonderful things happened in your world today?" They are now more inclined to always focus on the positive first before we tackle the challenges.  


  1. PICK ME!!! x

    This is a really useful and beautiful post Leanne. Thank you. Ive gone through some major changes in the last year and sometimes I fall into the gaps. It makes me miserable when I do and sometimes, like you said, it's hard to climb back out. Reading life-affirming posts like this one gives me another little tap on the shoulder to say it's ok and i have power to make it even better. Thank you xxx

  2. Well, I'm reading your post eating a bowl of porridge with brown sugar and I have to say I agree with you, Leanne!

    Every word of this post, I agree with you.


  3. Gratitude is the way to go Leanne, totally. Makes such a difference.xx PS I entered your giveaway yesterday via FYBF! Not sure if multiple entries are allowed, so I'm not trying to cheat here, just wanted to say I agree and I love this post. Your clients must love you for opening their eyes to the power of gratitude!

  4. PICK ME!

    I am grateful that we have slowed down the pace of our family's life by having a tree change. We packed up & moved 5 hours away from an area we have lived in for 32 years (me) & 42 yearws (hubby, all his life). We love it, kids love it. Smiles all around!

  5. I'm so grateful for my family and friends and the fact that the universe provides. And it provides in ways that constantly surprise me.

    SSG xxx

  6. PICK ME!

    "The happiest people are those who recognise what they HAVE in their life rather than focusing on what they don't." What a fabulous quote this is - I think I'm going to make a poster out of it and stick it on my fridge!


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