Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Day 1045 - The book is written

It's true what they say about writing what you know. 

Borrowed from Fuel Your Writing
The last two days were spent at the coast where I sat on my bum, in my tracksuit (without showering) for 16 hours and wrote, and wrote, and wrote, and wrote.  Twelve chapters later and book number four of the Cheer Chick Charlie series is almost ready for editing. All I need to do now is write the spiel for the back cover, and the introduction at the front. Can you believe I find this the hardest part!

Charlie was inspired by my daughter but has grown as a piece of every cheerleader I have ever coached becomes part of her.  The characters in my books are fictional. They have taken on a life of their own, but the places these characters go are real.  In my latest book I have Charlie going to her very first cheerleading competition. As I wrote it I was able to conjur up images of my first ever interstate competition as a cheerleading coach. I was able to remember the smells, the view, the feelings, the energy, the nerves and the shock.  My fingers flew across the keyboard yesterday as I relived every moment, including some of the tears, fears and results.  Man we were amateurs, but that served me well. Because yesterday I was able to get back into that place of going through the experience for the very first time and (hopefully) I have been able to capture that in Charlie.

My story-lines, characters and relationships in the books are fictional.  But the emotions and environments are what I know.  And that makes it bloody easy to write about.

For more information on how to write what you know, head on over to Fuel Your Writing.  It's not quite as straight forward as you think ... but like me, if you harness it properly, your next book may actually pour out of you in no time.


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