Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day 1046 - An Aging Body

Use it or lose it ...

For years I have started to suffer from body aches and pains.  Getting out of bed causes creaks as loud as an un-oiled door. Walking up the stairs has my knees sounding like old floorboards.  It gets worse in winter and it definitely gets worse if I haven't been exercising. (The knee thing doubles if I insist on wearing my stiletto boots on a daily basis.)  Proving yet again that those stupid old sayings like "use it or lose it" may be less metaphorical and more fact.

The saying "use it or lose it" is often referred to when talking about the brain. According to Science Daily  if you want to avoid dementia then you need to maintain an active cognitive lifestyle throughout your life to help activate multiple biological pathways. Or something like that. My answer to that: "no shit Sherlock".  It seems a little obvious that if you don't exercise your brain then it will not function at full capacity.

As I dance around in the decade of mid-life I know for a fact that the same can be said for your body.  If you don't stretch it and bend it and flex it, then it is going to bloody well seize up on you.

Back before the big four ohh when I was on the down hill slide of my 30s, I started to get a few creaks and groans.  I of course went straight to the doctor suggesting I had some sort of degenerative disease.  That's when they diagnosed fibromyalgia (well that and because of some other weird shit going on). But when I referenced my body aches, Husband just kept saying "you're just getting old Babe".  I mostly certainly am not!! And besides, that stuff shouldn't happen until well into your 60s.

Well guess what.  It actually happens way earlier than that, especially if you're not using it.  Which is where I am at right now.

The cold Canberra winter, combined with what may-or-may-not be fibromyalgia, combined with sitting at a desk, combined with me cancelling my personal trainer (for financial reasons) has meant my body has become a dilapidated old shack.  There is no fancy golden temple going on here .... just a creaky old shack sitting in a frosty old forest weathering away.

So if I can give you one word of warning today, it's definitely "use it or lose it".  Get outside and take a walk, lie on the floor and do your stretches, go for a jog down to the corner or get on your bike and ride around the lake.  Sign up for adult cheerleading or find a dance class.  Hell, buy a yoga DVD. Do something.  But do it today ....

... because tomorrow it might be all gone.

This post is written in sub zero temperatures as I stare out the window at a frosty landscape.  I am wearing flannel PJs, a dressing gown, Ugg boots and my husband's socks. Even lying on the carpet to do stretches feels far too cold. Yep, I'm definitely losing it ... I wonder if it will come back when the sun starts shining again? 

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