Saturday, August 18, 2012

Day 1048 - Celebration Saturday

There's a lot to be grateful for ...

One thing I know for sure - it's not being happy that brings gratitude, but gratitude that keeps you happy.  Noticing the little things in life and being thankful at the end of every day.

I have a bunch of little happies to share this week ...

This week I am grateful for: 

A view of snow on our mountains after watching it fall in Canberra yesterday

My Dymo label writer which not only helps me address product and book orders, but also produces lovely client file labels 

Flannel sheets to keep me warm at night

A mum that sews up holes in flannel sheets so I can stay warm at night

A husband that tries not to steal my blankets as he thunders around the bed in his sleep so I can stay warm at night

E News to quieten my active brain at 3.00am

Foxtel recording capabilities to record E News 

Killawarra strawberry infused champagne which is the only alcoholic beverage that doesn't give me an instant headache (well, neither does bourbon .... that headache is reserved for the day after which is why I've dumped it)

A happy healthy family

A team of dedicated cheerleading coaches who get the squad competition ready for tomorrow's ACT Regional Competition

A team of dedicated family members to help me set up and run Charlie's first ever stall at tomorrow's ACT Regional Cheerleading Competition (coz I will be emceeing the event)

Kidspot Village Voices 52 Weeks of Grateful to help focus the mind every Saturday.

Green Tea.

Ugg boots (oh, I said that already).


  1. what a great list! I love my (knock-off) UGGs in the winter. Visiting you via Maxabella at Kidspot!

  2. Hi Rhonda! Thanks for the visit. Will return the support.

  3. You really are in love with those uggies, huh?

    It's always a pleasure to see you each week. I'm going to check out Chick Charlie!!! x


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