Monday, August 20, 2012

Day 1050 - Church

Why did they have to change the words?

St Christopher's Cathedral Manuka
Where Derek and I were married.
Does anyone go to Church?  I am one of these people that go 3 or 4 times a year.  I am definitely not a Sunday regular, but I'm not on full-on avoidance mode either.  I do what I can to keep my family traditions  alive.  But I have to say, I'm not that keen on it right now because after almost 40 years of having the repetitive little verses drummed into me, they've gone and bloody changed the words! 

I went to church last night for one of Darby's First Eucharist preparation masses.  I find comfort in wandering into mass months and months after my last visit (like the prodigal daughter that I am) because I am always able to pick up right where I left off. Just like an old friend.  But my friend has gone and changed on me! Every word that a childhood full of church, and a high school full of Catholic school has taught me, is now out the window.  All that I learned on rote .... GONE! 

Now, this hasn't happened overnight.  I've noticed this happening for almost a year  now.  Imagine my shock when I first walked in after a year off to find laminated A4 paper on the pews guiding us through the service.  I was a little put-out by it then, but after a very loooooooong day yesterday at the Cheerleading event and having to race to church so that Darby could fulfill his Catholic requirements, I was more than put-out.  I was needing a little comfort and a dose of something warm and familiar, and  instead I got this new-fangled version of mass with no laminated A4 paper waiting to assist me.  I was downright cranky. I'm sorry, but I don't think we're going to be able to teach this Deep Fried dog some new tricks. I wonder how my 90+ year old Nanna feels about it all?

Now I thought that this may have been just an Aussie adjustment, but after calling in Prof Googs for the update I learn that it is in fact worldwide.  It seems to have come straight from the Pope's mouth. This is only the third time in 1700 years that they've changed the mass (apparently). And our previous mass had been with us for 40 years (my life span!). It seems though that the changes aren't that significant.  It's not a major restructure, just changing a few words here and there.  So why do it?

A quote from press in November 2011: The most notable change will be whenever the priest says “The Lord Be With You.” Until Sunday, the response has been, “and also with you,” but starting Sunday, the response will be, “And also with your spirit.”  (CBS Chicago)

Apparently the changes were quite controversial.  There was obviously a press release put out about it all in late November last year because if you Google it there are all sorts of articles at or around 25 November.  Its seems I'm not the only one that's cranky.

I guess when it's all said and done, it doesn't really matter.  My kids (if they choose to become church regulars) will learn the new words just as I did almost 40 years ago.  But not this old dog.  I'm not regular enough nor interested enough to learn the new bits.  So I'm afraid they may have lost me ...


  1. I have my backside at Mass every week & still struggle to remember the changes. I do feel the new translation is a step backwards, as I don't think the language relates to modern day. The Church has always had trouble getting the youth & young families to attend & I think this is going to drive them further away. (I'm going to be struck down by lighting now, just you wait & see).

  2. I have to agree with you. It's sounds really stuffy and old school. It doesn't appeal to me at all ...


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