Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Day 1052 - Air brushing

I admit it, I've had work done.

Photography by Juzz Photography, Canberra

Not physical plastic surgery type stuff, but I did give my wonderful photographer permission to get rid of my fuzzy fly away bits of hair and some of the wrinkles in my neck.  I asked that she keep my smile lines in place because I like those. Besides, I am middle aged ... there's got to be some authenticity.

Today I am off to actually be airbrushed. Not in the photographic form but my make-up will be airbrushed on today in readiness for my awards interview for the big screen.  Plus I'm giving this talk at a networking event tonight and it can't hurt to look a little more like my advertising photo. I'm not sure today's airbrushing will get rid of my neck drapery (and it definitely won't get rid of my notoriously rebellious hair frizz) but it might iron out a few of the rough spots.

What's your view on airbrushing?

Would you have work done?  

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