Friday, August 24, 2012

Day 1054 - Dumdy Dum

I've got nothing ...

I am sitting here in my PJs and Uggs trying to get a load of admin work done before the kids wake up and I have to put my Mummy hat back on.  I'm immersed in paper with vendor forms to fill out, banking to do, client notes to finalise and a shipment to organise. I'm also chatting to hubby who is researching pyjamas to add to our line. This is the time of the day I should be blogging about something worth blogging about, but today I've got nothing.

At the event I was speaking at on Wednesday night about all things Leanne Shea Langdown attendees were interested to know how I managed to blog everyday and provide worthy reading material. Up until now I generally haven't had a problem.  I've usually found something that was worthwhile (to me anyway). But somehow I've been jinxed and today I've got nothing.  Nothing.  I am searching inside the hidden recesses of my brain but where I usually find a bunch of brain chatter, all I'm hearing today is a whole lot of "dumdy, dumdy, dummmm ....."

If you click on that sign up there that says "nothing" it will take you to a surprisingly interesting site about nothing ... Perhaps I did have something after all! 

If you want to find something worthwhile to read then head on over to With Some Grace where a whole crowd of bloggers are sharing their wares.  Yes, it's Friday which means it's time to Flog Yo Blog.  Enjoy ...


  1. I'm trying to think of a comment to write... but I've got nothing ;)

  2. Seinfeld made a famous show about nothing. Perhaps you're on to something!

  3. your on a great track.. chatting about nothing always ends up interesting!

  4. Yep, sorry, I've got nothing. :)

  5. Maybe that's a good thing - enjoy the peace!

  6. You may find it hard to believe but there are some people out there who would love me to have nothing to say ;-)

  7. Even when you have nothing to say you say a lot. That's a gift. I'm sure of it! :-)

  8. There's something to be said about nothing.

    I rattle on about nothing all the time. People seem to enjoy it. Or it could just be my Mum, reading it over and over again. Either way, someone's reading!


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