Saturday, August 25, 2012

Day 1055 - Lego

Saturday is my time to celebrate.

A Deep Fried Lego construction
On Saturday's I like to reflect on the week that was, celebrate the wins (no matter how big or small) and give gratitude for the comforts of my life.

It's been another huge week of business wins (and challenges), as well as personal wins for all the Langdowns (and challenges), of cheerleading wins (and challenges), and author wins (and challenges) .... but rather than give you all the boring details I thought today I would  keep it simple.

Today I want to celebrate good old fashioned Lego.

My son has the usual boys toys.  He has an Xbox, iPod, Lego, Meccano, Bionicles, Matchbox cars, Trashies, wrestling men and Nerf guns.  I make the time to sit and play with him when his sister isn't interested and when his friends haven't been around for a while.  I like to encourage him to spend time on his own from time to time, but other times I give him some dedicated Mum/son time.  He is naturally drawn to the electronic gaming devices which so many kids are these days, which is fine, but I do hope it doesn't take over his play time completely.

Last night Tahlia was at a sleepover and Daddy was busy with his Friday night football (watching, not  playing). So I thought it was a great time for Darby and I to play.  I suggested we might steer clear of the Xbox and head for his toy cupboard instead. We chose Lego.

Deep Fried Lego creation

Today I would like to celebrate the simplicity of a great big bucket of Lego. Not the Star Wars variety, nor the Indiana Jones packs (although they are fun too), but the plain old fashioned Lego blocks. The fact that it is just as it has always been.  That we can build mountains or dinosaurs, houses or crocodiles, people or cars.  The fact there are no instructions or guided ended result, just a bunch of stuff and the need for some imagination.

Today I would like to celebrate our Lego mansion complete with pergola, garage, back yard, doors, windows, sky light and a roof that may cave in at any minute.  As well as the one-on-one time spent with my son constructing it.

What are you celebrating today?

For a whole lot of gratitude and some Saturday celebration pop on over to Maxabella at Kidspot's Village Voices.  


  1. lego is great, for me it was a great excuse for not doing any house work yesteday ;) "I can't clean up right now, because the kids told me I have to play Lego."

  2. That's an impressive lego mansion! We're at duplo stage, yet to graduate to lego! x


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