Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day 1060 - Raw Talent

Everybody has strengths.

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I work hard to achieve results.  I find some things easy: like .... um .... like ... let's see ... well, I am sure there is something I do that comes naturally (I'm just having trouble tapping into it right now).  Oh, I know! Writing the Cheer Chick Charlie series has been relatively easy. There's been a flow about it. But then I find other things quite hard: like choreography, cooking, running, gardening, neuro-surgery.

My daughter (who is soon to turn 13) finds lots of stuff easy.  She's an absolute natural and has many strengths.  While she may struggle with maths and science, she leaves me for dead in the choreography department.

Coaching cheerleaders was something I chose to do, but I have zero natural talent for creating routines.  It keeps me awake at night.  Sure, I know now to coach and communicate and get good energy from the kids, but teaching them how to actually dance and perform stunts is another thing. Whereas Tahlia can do it just like that. Two years ago, when she was eleven, she created a stunt routine that ultimately won them first place at the Australian National Cheerleading Championships. The routine was dynamic, tricky, innovative and just plain awesome to watch. I was gob smacked.  As a cheer coach she's already kicked my butt.

And this girl can write.  When she was eight she wrote a children's book.  It was simple, creative, funny and packed a punch.  I never saw the ending coming and when it hit me between the eyes I was in awe of her brilliance.

This week she's had to write a short story to parallel a book she is reading in class. This almost-13-year-old is writing about a boy who lives in an apartment complex in Afghanistan (downstairs from the main character of the book) and she's including the Taliban, bone digging, assault, friendship, pain and fear.  As she writes I truly believes she knows what she's talking about.  Again I am gob smacked. I couldn't write about life in Afghanistan. She's clever.

Yeah, she's got strengths.  But more than that, she seems to have raw talent.

Now, how can I turn that into making me us her a million dollars? Hmmm ... 

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  1. Sounds very talented! And nice that you are aware of her gifts and are so supportive. I look forward to buying her first book! X


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