Saturday, September 1, 2012

Day 1062 - Saturday Celebration

It's that time of week where we celebrate the past seven days and pay homage to the little things in life. 

Not my cupcakes (ate mine too fast to photograph them)
Image borrowed from
As usual I have had some business wins, as well as some fascinating business challenges.  But that's life.  We've also had some personal wins and some personal challenges. Nothing major, just speed humps.  But the highlights for me would have to be ...

Betty Crocker cup cakes, 
Filming for the Canberra Business Point awards (was postponed from last week) 
Finalising my Year 6 Cheer routine
Finding a coach to help with partner and group stunts
Chelsea's 24th birthday
Connecting with bestie in Pennsylvania even if only for 30 seconds on Facebook
Some great client sessions
First edits arrived for Book Four
Chai Lattes
A comfy couch and teddy bear doona

For those things, I am grateful.  For more living in the attitude of gratitude head on over to Kidspot's Village Voices where Maxabella hosts 52 Weeks of Grateful.  


I love hearing your thoughts! Keep them rolling in :)

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