Monday, September 10, 2012

Day 1071- Emergency!

There's nothing like finishing a great weekend with a bit of drama ...

I'm blogging very late today because I spent a good chunk of the morning with Darby in Emergency.  Don't panic, it turns out to be nothing too serious, but this Deep Fried mum was definitely worried there for a while.

I'm not normally one of those mums who dashes off to seek medical attention at every twitch, rash, vomit or sniffle, but last night when we arrived at the farm after our big weekend at the Cheerleading State Championships, I had a minor melt down when I saw the state of Darby's neck.

On Thursday night when we got home from the Canberra Business Point Awards he was complaining of an irritation on his neck.  There was a bit of a mark there, possible a small puncture wound (possibly even a fang bite), but nothing major.  I figured if it had been a spider bite he would have remembered it.  And besides, he wasn't sick, or collapsing, or dying, so we treated it with Savlon and sent him to bed.

When he woke up it had progressed to a much bigger red area (the whole length of his neck and down onto the top of his shoulder) and a few more whitish grey dots sprinkled about, and the fang mark looked more pronounced.  I rang Health First and after answering all their questions and concluding that he had no blurred vision, no paralysis, no muscle pain, no nausea or vomiting, that it wasn't anything overly poisonous. I put an ice pack on it to sooth it and sent him to school with a note (see ... no panic).

After picking him up from school I noticed it hadn't improved, and may have been getting even worse so took him to a chemist.  (The doctors were booked out.) After lots of thoughtful um'ing and ah'ing the chemist and I decided it may have been an ant bite that he'd reacted badly to so we put him on a dose of anti-histamines.  

I then dropped him off to his Aunty Dee Dee so that the rest of us could head to Sydney for the cheer weekend.  Aunty Dee is a nurse so kept and eye on things, including putting ice packs on his neck to sooth the irritation and then passed him to Pop. Pop looked after him all weekend, gave him anti-histamines  and soothed him with ice packs not realising it was significantly worse than when I'd last seen it. And being a big tough farmer type bloke had probably seen plenty of this stuff before. 

When we arrived at the farm last night after a very tiring weekend I almost keeled over in shock.  Darby's neck was red and grey and white and blistering all over.  I decided then and there he had a flesh eating bacteria and was going to have to have his neck amputated. Everyone, including Darby, decided I was overreacting so my plan to call in the paramedics with special E Bola protection suits was thwarted.

Anyway, after waking up today to find it even worse I took him to Emergency to have it checked out.  After a two hour wait, and a little discussion between doctors,  it seems he has some sort of staph infection that may very well have originated from a spider bite, or some other puncture issue.  He is now on antibiotics and his infection is all covered up. I figured you probably didn't need to see pus and blisters while you're drinking your cuppa, so I spared you the before photo.

(C) Deep Fried Fruit
Darby is quite delighted by it all because it means he has three days off school.  I am also quite delighted by the result because it means we get to keep his head ...

Happy Monday! 


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