Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Day 1073 - When the home office turns into home

The disadvantages of not leaving the house to work

Today I really hoped to get a great deal of work done. I wanted to write the cover spiel for book four , as well as the intro.  I also needed to map out book 5 and get that title finalised so that we can get the graphics done to include in the back of book four. This requires creativity which is best achieved in silence and without distraction (for me anyway). But Husband has decided to "work from home" for the third day in a row and with Darby still quarantined, it seems my home office has become more "home" and less "office" the last few days which makes it impossible for me to concentrate.

I am thinking I may as well shut up shop and wait until my sanctity sanctuary sanity is returned.

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  1. My partner did that to me too. He was "sicky" in the past 2 days and I did nothing except some gardening together with him.


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