Thursday, September 13, 2012

Day 1074 - RUOK?

RUOK? Day -  a national day of action where we are encouraged to ask each other are you ok?

It's about connecting with people and helping each other through life's ups and downs.  The RUOK? Foundation aims to prevent isolation by empowering people to support each other so that everyone can feel confident that they are not alone.

Apparently when you're learning to become a fireman you have to go into a dark smokey building with limited oxygen in a breathing apparatus. During the training exercise you're with a mate - one person has their hand on the wall to keep the bearings, while they hold hands with the other who searches the place for people.  One person is walking through blindly, feeling around, trying to move forward and take action, and the other is their support system. Without a hand on the wall there is the very real potential for getting lost and losing air.

RUOK? Day is about having someone with their hand on the wall.  It's about helping guide people when they need it, being there to help find the light, knowing which direction to go and ensuring that no one runs out of air.

To be involved in RUOK? Day all you have to do is ask the question.  Just start a conversation.  It's that simple.

So today I ask you, RUOK? 

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