Friday, September 14, 2012

Day 1075 - It's Time to Rest

My head, my stomach and my body are in turmoil ....

Everything aches, I have ridiculous fatigue, my tummy is in knots and the inside of my mind looks rather like a pizza with the lot. It's time to have a rest.

I've hit that point yet again where half of me wants to get off the ride and sit in a corner somewhere alone. Preferably under a palm tree and preferably with a Mai Tai in my hand. Whereas the other half of me can't turn off long enough to find a tree, feel the breeze nor pour the drink. There is a war being waged and I'm feeling yet again like a push-me-pull-me.

The problem with being an Action Jackson is that you can't sustain the momentum all day every day for the rest of your life. You've got to have down periods. But those down periods don't feel so good when you're used to constantly striding forward.  I find it hard to give myself permission to just collapse.  My body is asking for it, in fact it is screaming for it, but I am always scared that if I give in to its need to rest, then I may never actually get back up again. So I tend to keep going ..

I am at that point where my body says "please can we find a palm tree" and my brain is saying "there is no time for palm trees".  It takes me being physically removed from our house and carted across oceans to places out of reach of our everyday to cut me loose.

A private jet and a never-ending bank balance would be kinda good right now ...

I've tried my best this week to have a few doona sessions and some mindless TV to give my body the rest it needs, but with the home office only metres away it's kind of hard to switch off.  So instead of complete splat I'm spending my couch time writing notes and trying to remove some of those pizza toppings to lighten the load.

It's working.  To a degree, it's working.  And in the process I've had a couple of bursts of inspiration which is kinda cool ...

The thing about me is that everything in my life seems urgent. If it's on my "to do" I've got to turn it into a "ta-da" as soon as possible. Which is great, because it means I get things done and I achieve results.

But perhaps the most urgent thing I should do is take a complete rest.

So with that, I'm signing off and heading back to the couch for a couple of hours.

How well rested are you? 


  1. Not well rested at all here. I hope you had a nice rest :)

  2. When I read your blog posts, I do often think how busy you must be! I'd have lost it long ago if I had as much on :) Hope you get the rest you need. x

  3. Hi Jaak - so lovely to see you! I must pop over for a visit.

    I often wonder how you get all that wonderful information on The Kids Are All Right. I can't imagine you'd get much rest either!

  4. Get that well deserved rest! Even if a few hours on the couch. I know it must be hard to completely switch off with the home office just round the corner but maybe a walk will help? Especially with the weather warming up. Hope you're feeling better soon!


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