Sunday, September 16, 2012

Day 1077 - AASCF ACT State Championships

It's the ACT state cheerleading championships today and we're all just a little bit excited (and a tad nervous).  I am particularly excited to see our beautiful school squad hit the floor. The Good Shepherd crew just LOVE their sport and it shines through on their faces. What they may lack in skill from time to time they more than make up for in spirit.  And of course I am also very excited to see Tahlia performing with the Sirens squad as she really pushes herself the limit this year.

Cheer Chick Charlie will also be there.  Thank goodness I have a husband and mother who are happy to run that stall given I will be coaching for most of the day.

Anyway, got to run! Got to get over to the Tuggeranong Basketball Stadium ready for show time!


  1. Good luck to your cheerleaders coach! And good luck for cheer chick Charlie sales too :) she is wonderful! When I get moved in and life relaxes I'll do a review as I reckon she's awesome Leanne :)

  2. You're beautiful Jen. Thanks so much!
    And yes, our teams had a great time and came home with fantastic results. So much cheer spirit :)


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