Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Day 1079 - X-Factor

Yes, there were more tears last night as I watched Justin Standley meet his daughter for the first time, and as I cheered on the beautiful Shiane Hawke.

When I last posted about the X-Factor I listed my favourites as Shiane, Justin and Carmelo for various reasons.

Today I am admitting to being a turn coat! I have crossed the line, done an about-face, I'm batting for the other team ... and any other metaphor you'd like to use.

I still adore Justin and I am silently rooting for him in all areas of his life.  I think he has a lovely voice and I want to see him succeed. And I gave him a vote.

But my stand-outs for this week are definitely Angel (and her voice from heaven), Shiane (and the power she doesn't even know she has), and The Collective (and their amazing showmanship and strong vocals .... oh, and the fact that they're just plain HOT).

 I am no singer ... I am not the least bit musical ... so my opinion probably isn't worth the free blog that it's posted on ...  but these three acts appeal to me for so many reasons and I quite honestly can't wait to see what they've all got for us tonight.

At the moment of going to "press" this morning the Facebook tally for the top three are Shiane at over 29,000 votes, The Collective at over 27,000 votes, and Angel at over 18,000.  So it seems that perhaps my views are mirroring that of the Aussie public*.  The X-Factor is on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights at 7.30pm on Channel 7.

Who are your stand outs? 

* Facebook votes only comprises part of the tally.  People can also vote via SMS and voice message. 


  1. I missed the show but saw some snippets of the acts on Sunrise this morning. I love The Collective. They looked amazing.

  2. unfortunately X Factor Australia does not reel me in...

    xfactor UK and America are hilarious however...

    it is impressive with the number of votes though!!

    #teamIBOT was here to say hello!

  3. I've never watched it, but I'm here if you ever want to talk about Big Brother.

  4. I really enjoyed The Collective's performance. I think they're head and shoulders above What About Tonight and I absolutely could see girls all over the world falling in love with them. And they can just plain SING. They all have actual talent! Angel is amazing, so is Sammy. They're my 3 favourites.

  5. I haven't been watching it, cause it's not really my thing, and Boatman can't stand it. Having said that I'm going for Shiane cause she is a local territory girl like me :)

  6. I liked Shiane - she doesn't realise how good she is!

    Bella - Providing she remembers the words is incredible.

    There are a few that are quite good but I can't remember their names for the life of me.

  7. Does anyone else cry when they watch it, or am I the only weepy one?
    So pleased my peeps got to stay in last night.
    I was a bit scared for Sammy!


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