Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day 1080 - Tori Spelling

InventTORI, CelebraTORI, EdiTORIal, sTORI telling, sTORIbook weddings. 

I am in awe of the person who is Tori Spelling.  In fact, she is virtually my best friend.

Of course it all started with Beverly Hills 90210 around 20 years ago.  But the moment my real-life bestie put me onto Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood I was hooked forever!

Why do I adore Tori?  Because she's me, only blonde, famous, rich, living in Hollywood and successful.  And FOUR kids instead of two.

Can't you see the similarities? We could be twins ....

Tori Spelling and Deep Fried Fruit - TWINS!
Ok, then, perhaps she isn't me at all  ...

And I am not her.

Clearly no resemblance at all in fact.

BUT ....

When I watch her show I can relate to everything she is doing. Whether it is raising kids, finding new projects to take on board, writing books, creating websites, coming up with new marketing ideas, working with others to help them achieve their dreams and their goals ...

She motivates and inspires me.  When I am trying to juggle the whole family, business, writing, blogging, consultancy thing, I turn to Tori and she encourages me forward.

Yep. That's it.  She motivates and inspires me.  She shows me that I CAN.  

And as my "mentor" and best friend, I really feel the need to invite her to lunch.  Next time I fly into LA that's what I'll do. I'll invite her to lunch.  Do you think she'll accept my invitation?

AnticipaTORI ... hallucinaTORI .... mandaTORI ... predaTORI .. or .... vicTORIous? 


  1. Just saw on that she's been hospitalized for complications related to her most recent c-section. Positive thoughts for your BFF!!

  2. I love Tort too!

    Hope she's okay. Thanks for the update, Sarah G.

    SSG xxx

  3. Oh no, Tori! Hope you are ok!! Thanks for the update Sarah G.

  4. Her store is right near my house. Come visit!

  5. Kristyn - you're on!! I am definitely organising a meet and greet with you next time I'm in LA and this time I'll do the travelling. Hope you are well!


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