Thursday, September 20, 2012

Day 1081 - Charity

How charitable are you?

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I consider us to be very charitable. We volunteer our time and our money.  In the last few years we donated to one new charity a month (that's 12 a year) plus we also have our Plan sponsorship and I contribute to KIVA through my business.  But it seems the more charitable you are the more charitable you are expected to be. And the more charitable you are expected to be, means you get hounded by charities really hoping you'll become that teensy bit more charitable.  And then they start to tell you that $20 isn't enough and they let you know how much they would like you to contribute and to have you sign up every month for that amount.  And when there are so many of them, that starts to make me feel less charitable.

We've had to pull back and we have now identified just a small handful of charities in which we support.  That means I am saying NO a lot on the phone.  Which makes me feel uncharitable.

But what is charity?

Have we lost sight of what it's really all about?

Are we just giving for givings sake?

When does the charity stop and the real act of contribution begin? 

How charitable are you? 

I am probably sounding very cryptic right now but having three charity related phone calls within 90 minutes before my mid morning cuppa brings out the cryptic in me ....

Confession: This post has been pre-written and scheduled. 


  1. The majority of calls soliciting financial contributions are run by private companies who (according to our research of a couple) reap the bulk of the money contributed. Quite often it is the same company ringing on behalf of a number of different charities. We have selected the charities that we want to support and have money transferred from our bank directly to the charity on a pre-determined schedule. This way we know that all of the money is going to that particular charity. This also stops us from feeling guilty about saying no to the many calls that we receive.

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  4. We have a bunch of set charities we contribute to.

    BUT I have ceased some others.

    * The one where the woman abused me for my priviledged life and *small* contribution... this when we were struggling ourselves.
    * The one where the collector was hassling customers in our shop, and went into a rant when asked to cease.
    * The one where they kept harrassing my very generous elderly mother even when asked to take her SILENT number off their phoning list (yes CAREflight - I am talking about you), becoming more and more aggressive with each call.

    I find the animal welfare ones to be the most grateful and graceful when donations are given. Much like the kind, loving creatures they help.


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