Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Day 1087 - The X Factor

It's so hard to choose!

The Collective - Official X-Factor photo
After the disappointing news that Josh had been disqualified for "inappropriate social media behaviour" (you can read about that here) I was absolutely stoked to discover Carmelo is back.  It seems that all my original picks are still there as well as one great big COLLECTIVE which I have quickly come to adore.  So now that I have four on my list (and potentially five with gorgeous Sammy being the next Kylie Minogue) who the hell should I vote for?

Fancy getting so caught up in a bloody TV show. But it's true.  When we were out for Tahlia's birthday last night I was getting antsy as 7.30 approached because I didn't want to miss a minute of X-Factor. Shocking.

Last night's episode was "party night" with the aim of the songs to get us up dancing.  Hmmm.  Not all of them made me want to dance ... but that doesn't mean I didn't appreciate them.  Every single one of this years X-Factor  finalists has something amazing to offer the world.

My heart is still very much with the beautiful Shiane Hawke and also with Justin Standley (have I been calling Justin Handley in previous posts?).

I adore Carmelo's constant smile and after a bit of a shaky start I loved his first performance back last night.

But last night's stand out for me was definitely The Collective.  Seriously - can these boys get any better?  They have energy, charisma, sex appeal and they just wanna make you dance!

If you haven't seen them yet then do yourself a favour and click here for last night's performance of Footloose and here for last week's performance of Domino.  

Yeah, they'll get my vote. 

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