Saturday, September 29, 2012

Day 1090 - The Cry I had to have

Last night I cried ... and cried ... and cried ....

I sobbed out loud. I cried so hard that I had nose juice hanging to my chin.  It was very unattractive and very dramatic.  I cried ... and cried ... and cried ...

I rang a friend and sobbed and hiccuped through my hellos.  Of course she thought someone had died.

No, nobody died.  I had just stuffed up.  I had dropped the ball and I cried.  I cried ... and cried ... and cried ...

It was nothing major in the grand scheme of life, and definitely a first world problem, but it was major to me in that minute of MY life.

You see, I had neglected to register our group and partner stunt kids in  the Australian National Cheerleading Championships and the cut-off was a week ago.

I hadn't registered them.

So I rang the Federation, and yes, I had missed the cut-off.  So I got off the phone and cried.  I cried ... and cried ... and cried ...

It seemed to be the cry I had to have. I think it was less about the actual issue and more about the fact that I knew I had dropped the ball. I've been far too busy and far too overloaded.  My body has been in stress mode.  And it needed a release.  And this was it.  The plug had been pulled and everything was now pouring out.

After about 30 minutes of sobbing I blew my nose, tried to stop the shoulder shaking convulsions, and typed an email of apology, regret, remorse and (dare I say it) something closely resembling begging to the organisers.

And that beautiful woman at the other end of the email took pity on me and after many hours of deliberation and rejigging she found us a spot.  This morning I woke up (with my bowling ball sized head with mere slits for eyes) to her email telling me I owe her a coffee. A coffee?  I owe her more than a coffee.

I will be forever grateful for this woman who not only helped me get my squad started through her enthusiastic telephone coaching all those years ago, but found me a spot at Nationals this year.  This woman who loves and cares for the kids competing as much as I do. The woman who will get the best cup of coffee in the history of the world.

And I'm also grateful for they cry I had to have.  Seriously soul cleansing stuff ...

Have you had a good cry lately?

If you want to live in the attitude of gratitude head on over to 52 Weeks of Grateful hosted by Maxabella writing for Kidspot.


  1. Nothing like a big cathartic cry to feel cleansed is there? How awesome that the organiser rejigged things for you! Good luck with the championships.

  2. Thank goodness! Poor you - I can understand the tears, Leanne. I hate it when I let people down as well.

    That kind lady. A gem. x

  3. How wonderful that you have a spot, that woman sounds like a real gem. Sometimes a good cry is the best medicine.


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