Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day 1098 - Alan Jones' Merc

Alan Jones loses his merc ....

Alan Jones and his Merc - Photo borrowed from
Apparently Mercedes Benz is going to take back the $250,000 sponsored car Alan Jones has been driving due to his slur that the Prime Minister's father died of shame because of her lies.  They have vowed to never again support either Alan or the radio station. 

This brings up two points for me (a) be careful what you say in the media (including the blogosphere) and (b) would Mercedes Benz like to sponsor me instead?  There are very few slurs at Deep Fried Fruit - in fact I like to accentuate the positive. I'm sure it could be the perfect Deep Fried match. 

And besides, it's Sunday. 

Oh, and it's now daylight saving!  

Definitely no slurs on a daylight saving Sunday.  

Happy Sunday! Hope it's a good one. 


  1. I've, purposefully, not made any comments on this subject, either on my blog OR Facebook, as it only gives traction, re-hasing of what went down. That is, until now, of course! It just not fair for PM Julia Gillard... I personally wish the media would stop bringing it back up...

    I applaud Mercedes for doing this, as with other sponsors... What happened, was reprehensible, especially from a person within the media, who has the powers he has/had.

    Having said that though, and NOT giving anything towards him, had that presentation NOT be secretly recorded, would it have ever come to light? And with this in mind, should the journalist who recorded it, be held accountable for what he/she did?

    If you get the sponsorship, will you pick black, white or silver??

  2. In the subject of accentuating the positive, here´s an award for you and your lovely blog:


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