Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 1099 - Au Naturale

When was the last time you went bra-less?

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It seems Kim Kardashian is in the news again*, this time because she dared to go bra-less wearing a sun dress in Miami.

I remember those days ...

I used to have the best rack. No seriously ... I did!  A perfect C cup that stood up all on its own pointing upwards and forwards and all that.  I could very easily go bra-less all summer long.  I'd never wear a bra in a sun dress, or tank top, or anything where my bra straps might be exposed.  I'm not sure if it was socially acceptable or not, but I did it anyway and seemed to get away with it.

Not anymore ...

There are times now that I even feel the need to wear a bra to bed for fear my boobs might disappear under my armpits forever.  And come summer time I pack them into a halter swimsuit to keep them nice and tight and under control (even though the halter neck puts strain on my neck and shoulders and gives me a continual summer headache).

I've still got fairly decent puppies (relatively speaking) but gone are the days where we go au natural.  Being Deep Fried requires a bit more decorum.  And control.  And shaping.

But given Kim is half my age, and seems to be pointing in all the right directions at a festive sunny beach-side city like Miami, I say go for it babe! Do it while you can!

When was the last time you went bra-less?

*I personally like Kim. But seriously, she could get her heel stuck in a grate and it would make world-wide news.  Why? Because of people like me bothering to write about it ... (I have no excuse other than I had nothing else to write about ... which is probably the excuse of many.  In fact, the more we see Kim in the news the better the world may actually be. It might mean no bombs, no crashes, no unrest ... it could mean the world is at peace.  Wishful thinking?)


  1. And GOOD on her for doing it, I say! And NOT just as I am a guy, although it is ok, but moreso, at times, (like that pic) you have little choice!!

    My late wife wasn't that lucky, as being a 'fuller' figured woman, meant a bra was always needed. But, of an evening when she got home, she sighed with relief in finally being able to 'de-bra'!!

  2. Yesterday... although I didn't leave the house! ;-)


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