Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 1093 - Cheer Chick Charlie

Having random kids hug you ...

Taking a leap of faith and investing tens of thousands of dollars in this business venture was scary. It still is.  Holy crap it's scary. But when kids come to you with gratitude and love you've got to believe you're doing the right thing.  You have to ...

For the last five years all I've ever really wanted to do is help empower kids. I just want them to know that everyone has strengths and they're worth the effort.  Cheer Chick Charlie appeared in my mind about 15 months ago and I bought the domain name that same day.  Book one was written within the month and the journey began.  Cheer Chick Charlie was born and she took over every waking (and the occasional sleeping) thought.  She became part of me.

But you know all that. I've been sharing the journey with you and you heard all about her here.  I also mentioned her here and about our launch here.  If you do a search through my blog you'll find Charlie referenced quite a bit. For the most part you are hearing about the good bits. I don't often verbalise the stress, anxiety, fear and doubt ... because by saying it out loud (and declaring it to the world) gives it energy .... and I don't want my fear to get too much energy. But it's there, believe me. 

I get scared that I am wasting my time and my family's resources.  I get worried that people won't love her as much as I do. I fear that I'm kidding myself and that I'm not good enough.  Some days I think "who am I?". "Who am I to think I can successfully write a children's book series", then I remember my dream and WHY I am doing it and think "who am I not to?"

Who am I not to ...

I have to do this. I have no choice now.  Book four is about to be released in the next few weeks, I have an established interactive website with an on-line store and an active Facebook page.  I've got a garage full of boxes with thousands of books and hundreds of tees and shorts.  This has to work. I can't stop now.  IT HAS TO WORK. I have no choice ...

And besides ... there are kids who now have Charlie as their new best friend. The kids that come up to me and cuddle me. Kids who walk through the doors at events wearing Charlie's shorts and t-shirt.  Kids and parents carrying Charlie's sports bag. Kids writing to Charlie on-line asking her questions.  Kids who pass on their copies of the book to others who then contact me to say they are new fans.

And then I know I have to keep going.  I've got to push through the doubt, push aside the fear and believe in the vision. 

I have to believe. 

I'm scared, but I have to believe.

Having random kids hug you will do that. 

I have to believe.

Who am I not to?


  1. Wow, that is awesome. You are doing a brilliant job, thank you for pushing such an important message.

  2. How lovely to receive hugs from random fans! I think you're an inspiration- Like the character it's all about the confidence and resilience. x

  3. Awesome post. You do have to believe. Rachel x

  4. I think that you are awesome, awesome for bringing cheer chick Charlie to life and even more awesome for sharing your fears about it all.

    Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses

  5. You are doing wonderful things. The hugs from the kids just prove it.

  6. Evertyhing I read at the moment, is about pushing through self doubt and just doing it. This was such a timely post for me.
    Thanks leeane

  7. Thanks so much for the beautiful comments and the encouragement. Oh, and the belief. I really appreciate your comments and blog love.


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