Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day 1105 - Betty Homemaker

My Domestic Goddess may be returning

Yesterday as I was cruising the blogosphere I came across Maxabella's post in Kidspot's Village Voices for this week's dose of gratitude.  Maxabella was chatting about how her inner Martha Stewart had disappeared in favour of fulfilling "work" related activities.  I could relate ...

Maxabella wrote "I love writing and I love organising, so I’m happy as a clam. It’s just that I don’t feel at all productive on the home front. I’m doing the bare minimum there and it was really starting to get me down a little bit. And so I baked."

That was enough for me. I closed my lap top and did the very same thing.  I went and baked.  And as much as I dislike cooking, it made me feel all mothery and warm.  Between that and my hand-bag cleansing session, my inner Domestic Goddess may be returning.  Possibly .... 

Vanilla and choc-chip cupcakes

They will be complete once the Betty Crocker icing is spread
Since the baking I have also done three loads of washing, cleaned two toilets, scrubbed a bath and tidied a kitchen cupboard.  This baking business may actually be the key.  Possibly ...

Happy Sunday!

PS You'll note the Betty Crocker icing being used for the cakes.  My Domestic Goddess doesn't extend to making my own.  Why would I when Betty is so darn good at it ...


  1. Baking seems to cure all woes on the domestic front. I like that you were spurred on to do a major clean. Th power of a cupcake! x

  2. That cup cake thing is still working a treat! Today I did a huge grocery shop, made enough soup to feed a village, made a meat loaf, folding the washing and even took the dog for a walk. Work? What work?


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