Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Day 1107 - Our House, My Mind

Wouldn't you just love to start again?

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There are times I really want to just grab everything in our house, right down to the window dressings and carpets, and just throw it all away. But my fear for the land-fill stops me. Well, that and the fact that we'd have no stuff.

Do you ever just feel like throwing it all away and starting again?

You'll recall that about a year ago we found our new "dream home".  We offered what we thought we could afford but they kept rejecting us.  Apparently the word million needed to make an entrance before they'd even consider it.  We declined ...  We have stayed right where we are in our original dream home.  We were going to renovate and do an "add-on" but even that was put by the way-side.  Husband was nervous about the finances. And rightly so ...

Since none of that came about,  I've been feeling our house is a bit small.  As the kids get bigger and as Derek's and my business ventures take over the lounge and dining room I feel like I'm drowning. Seriously drowning.  It weighs me down. There is just too much stuff! I honestly want to throw things away and start fresh.  But that seems ungrateful and rude and arrogant.  And besides, Husband would prefer to re-sell it which means it gets moved from the house to the garage to a never-ending pile of stuff for "trash and treasure". So instead of turfing it all in one great big cleansing frenzy I will "file".  I will de-clutter little bit by little bit. I'd do an old fashioned spring clean and tidy up.

Our house actually isn't small.  Having business within the same four walls just clouds things. And to be honest, it could just my mindset and my gratitude and my resilience that is shrinking ....

Stress will do that to ya.

So yes, I would just love to "start again". But it's probably not my house that needs a freshen up. It's me. I personally need to cleanse my mind, my body, my commitments and my possessions.  It's time to simplify ...

Life really is simple if you allow it to be.

It's just us silly humans that manage to clutter things up.

I seem to be the master of that .....


  1. Simplifying and de cluttering is fabulous - i look forward to reading your journey through this xx

  2. our house needs a massive declutter.. things are just piling up and spilling out of cupboards... I know I am a closet hoarder..

    I just want the motivation to throw it away/give it away... sell it all!

  3. YES YES YES...

    The problem though I have is this... After 13 years of 'collecting' stuff, eclectic and crafty, how do I dispose of it all... AND, a lot of the 'stuff' was really my late wife’s, so there are still fond memories...

    I have done some, her clothes and accessories, went to a company 'Suited for Success' (use to be Suited for Work) where they assist disadvantaged women, and help them return to the workforce. They were desperate for larger sized, professional attire, and as my wife was a professional corporate person, they were most grateful!

    But now, I am almost ready to tackle some of the other items, create space, and still have those memories...

    Good luck!

  4. Despite my confused and whiny post, I am a big fan of de-cluttering. Even though I have a current mindset and feeling of drowning, I do bits and pieces fairly regularly. There just never seems to be an end to it!

    Interestingly enough the more I clean around me physically is helping to cleanse the mind which I know works. And the more I cleanse my mind (I said no to a new project today) the more I feel motivated to cleanse physically. Seems to be a chicken/egg situation ...

    Bernie, I think you have hit the nail on the head. Giving the stuff to people who can create a better life because of it is the key. Knowing that it is going to good use. My husband boxed up all my handbags today that I wrote about on the weekend. He was amazed that I was giving away so many lovely name brand bags. But it's going to a good cause (turns out it is going to similar mob you gave your late-wife's corporate gear to). I did some scouting and found them on Monday - "Working Wonders" - which has empowered me to not just give bags and accessories, but also motivational books from my overflowing book case and blouses/shirts as well. Very motivating!
    It must be dreadfully hard to give away things that hold such precious memories though.
    It might be good to buy a beautiful big wooden chest and just take a few bits and pieces to keep forever, and do what you have already done with the rest and help empower others with them.

    Look at that ... I just wrote a whole new post!!

    Let the cleansing continue ...

  5. We have a small place, so the need to re-organise and declutter feels constant. I don't mind the actual decluttering, but trying to find somewhere for it to go drives me nuts! I wish I could make peace with throwing it away, but yes, I like to know it is going to (someone else's) good use!

  6. I love a good reorganise! And as much as it's hard to keep things tidy with little kids, when I feel like my house is under control, my head is much more under control too :)

  7. I can't stand clutter. I've never been able to. I am constantly sorting, clearing out and re-organising. Stuff gets sold, donated, or thrown out. As long as it's not gathering dust and absorbing my oxygen then I'm happy. I guess I just don't want life to be full of small stuff. I want more room for the big stuff, family, love, wrestling, tickles... all the rest is just clutter x

  8. Definitely a similar issue here... it's just stuff though and we really need to downsize on stuff. Mind you, the panic has calmed down a tad since we started reducing on clutter.
    Just there's a heap more to go!
    Good luck with yours! xx

  9. I´ve been decluttering since June,one type of item at a time. As I´m blogging about it, it has become a group thing which is cool as we cheer each other on.
    This month I¨m going through my wardrobe and as I´m taking care of bags, handbags and purses I will be linking to your previous post. I found the donate to organizations that help women inspiring. Thank yhou!

  10. Yes, I know this feeling. We have been in our existing home for 5 years. I would love to do it over. I wish it didn't cost money :) Rachel xx

    #TeamIBOT was here x

  11. I love de-cluttering. We live in a very small house at the mo, but etension plans have been approved so hopefully that can move forward soon.

    It is really hard when you need space for a business too, it's just not feasible to get office space.

    Maybe a shipping container decked out like an office in the backyard?


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