Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day 1108 - De-cluttering with a mission

This cleansing caper is doing wonders for the house and the mind ....

As discussed yesterday I've been in a funk with too much junk (oh yay, that rhymes) cluttering up the house and my mind.  So I've started doing the physical cleansing, which in turn is helping the mental cleansing.  I knew that of course.  I wrote that quote up there about three or four years ago.  I just forget things. But the whole de-cluttering project is helping me to remember ...

You will also recall that I talked about the big handbag cleanse last Saturday and my quest to donate the handbags to women in need. My original plan was to take the handbags to a women's refuge to help them feel fresh and fabulous as they embark on their new beginning.  So I emailed our local Women's Information and Referral Centre (WIRC) and on Monday a lovely lady got back to me with a whole host of phone numbers and contacts for local refuge's as well as a contact for an organisation called Working Wonders. Little light bulbs, party whistles and paparazzi style flash photography went off in my mind when I read about the work of Working Wonders.  It was definitely a handbag match made in heaven ...

Working Wonders is a Canberra based organisation run by volunteers helping clothe women free of charge for important events such as job interviews, court appearances, funerals, work experience etc when women are unable to source appropriate clothing for themselves.  The organisation provides clothes, shoes and accessories and runs off donations.

Any woman with a scheduled job interview or other important life event can access the services.  Examples of women who use this service include:

  • Women who have had a life-changing illness
  • Women in crisis
  • Female Refugees
  • Women who have spent their life as carers and are now entering the workforce for the first time
  • Early school leavers.
So this morning I not only take a box full of handbags and costume jewelry, but I have also included sunglasses, watches, shoes, blouses and a whole bunch of motivational/inspirational books (true stories of achievement through adversity) which I had hanging around my bookshelf.  Knowing that my stuff wasn't just going to the landfill or laying in a donations bin somewhere unsure of it's final destination has empowered me to cleanse even further.  Knowing that my cleansing may actually make a difference to another woman's life has given me the energy to move forward.

This de-cluttering with a mission is working wonders ....


  1. What a great way to help people.

    I like your quote, too. I think maybe a big de-clutter session may be very beneficial here.

  2. Makes me feel great to de-clutter and usually once I start I want to keep going.


  3. That is awesome, what a great way to empower other woman! I love it!

  4. what a wonderful way to get rid of junk and help someone else!! Definitely makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside!!

    I am decluttering and donating alot of nice stuff to my local charities.. house full of junk is someone elses treasure!

  5. Great idea. It's a shame there isn't a website that lists all the possible places that will take your things to make it easier to help people.

  6. This is such a great kick up the bum for me! My house has become so cluttered and I know I'll feel so much better when I sort it all out!

  7. I have been trying to declutter over the past week it is making me feel so much better

  8. I feel like I am constantly de-cluttering, it is cleansing and the knock on effects mentally are a bonus! Good on you for seeking out such charities to pass your unwanted items, knowing that they are going to be used well would make the process even more gratifying

  9. This is a great idea! I know here in Sydney we have "Dress for Success".
    I have a whole wardrobe of corporate clothes I no longer use.
    Thank you for inspiring me to do some decluttering and yet putting these clothes to good use!
    Love your work, Leanne!

  10. Nice work. I'm sure a lot of lovely ladies will benefit from your generosity. For the record ... i went out braless last night!!! My friends say it looked French, i simply forgot to put one on. :-)


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