Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 1110 - The middle of the night monsters

Why are middle-of-the-night thoughts so much worse than those in daylight hours?

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My middle-of-the-night monsters are starting to return with me waking at all hours of the night again.  This time the Deep Fried brain is in conflict over the upcoming national cheerleading championships, the precarious status of my first book and the irksome US based publisher, the upcoming launch of Cheer Chick Charlie book four and the state of my thighs.

Gut wrenching brow sweating fear strikes in the middle-of-the-night with the dark bringing irrational thoughts and enormous doses of self doubt.  Then dawn arrives, the birdies start chirping and the shoulders feel lighter as the curtain is lifted and sunshine returns.  The monsters are gone.

They're an annoying little beast who seriously mess with my mind.  I definitely don't favour them, but I do accept them.  They're somewhat helpful in pushing me towards "suck it up princess" mode and they encourage me to complete some of my niggling to-dos. The quicker we can create ta-dahs the quicker I get some quality sleep.

Interestingly enough I discovered there is an app to help kids with things that go bump in their night*.  If your child is afraid of monsters you might like to try the Monster Meter.  It's a groovy little app that helps you to scan the house for monsters to help settle a restless child.  Apparently you can adjust the settings to either (a) prove there are no monsters or (b) finding a monster so you can then do a little chant to banish it from your home.  You then rescan to prove it has disappeared.

You can read more about the Monster Meter here.  It might be worth a look-see if you've got littlies. 

Forget the kids, I'm off to download it for myself.  

*App found while Googling "middle of the night monsters".  A strange search, but one I deemed necessary just to see if monster really do exist ...

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  1. What a great little app!!!

    What’s more, sorry for the angst you are having through the night; its not much fun at all is it... BUT, you must be awfully proud of the accomplishments you are nearly achieving, and that of the family!? Nat Championships, What an achievement! First BOOK, OMG you will have work PUBLISHED!! Ok, with exception to that of the 'thighs' quoted, but I am sure that these will disappear in time...

    Good luck with it all!!!


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