Monday, October 22, 2012

Day 1113 - Exercise - Gangnam Style

Surely doing the horsey every day would keep you fit?

Not that Psy is exactly toned and trim, but I imagine going Gangnam every day would have to do some good from a fitness perspective?  Wouldn't it? I am thinking of giving it a go ...

You'd have to be living under a rock if this post is leaving you clueless. All the kidlets in my world can't get enough of this song and I have to say, I am also hooked. In fact, I was hooked the day I first saw Britney Spears learn the horsey on the Ellen show a couple of months ago.  There is something about that beat that gets my bum bouncing.  And doing the horsey ... well, that's just my kind of dance.  Far too much fun ...

So it's been on my mind to learn it and perhaps get some fitness out of it in the process.  If you're interested I have the "how to" chart right here.

And if you want to hear about Psy's recent tanty while in Oz, you can read about that here.

Let's go Deep Fried peeps .... get bouncing ... Gangnam style.

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