Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day 1114 - Grandparent Alert

Please don't call me Grandma ...

Someone needs to buy me this sign because there is NO WAY I'm going to be someone's Granny.  For me the word Grandmother conjurs up images of wrinkles, grey hair, a walking stick and false teeth.  I wanna have a different name. Perhaps something with a Nanny in it. Because I'm way too cool to be a Grandmother.

So why is this fit, fabulous and slightly fatigued 40(ish) year old even contemplating these aging monikas?  Because it seems we are about to be granted with Grandparent status.  Or more specifically Derek is going to be a Grandfather (because I of course am FAR too young to be a Granny....)

Chelsea and Pat, who were married in October last year, are expecting their first child.  They announced it on Fathers' Day weekend but it was too early to tell you all. We are all very happy.  It's now time to shout it from the roof tops.

But the idea of being a grandparent isn't quite fathomable to me. I am actually old enough to be Chelsea's mother (if I was a teen Mum) but given I didn't start having my own kids until I was 30 it just seems inconceivable that I'm even being considered for the new role.  So I am taking it all on board with a "proviso" or "escape clause" thinking that perhaps I can be a grandparent when I feel like it, and can claim immunity when I don't.

Does that sound feasible?

Or am I kidding myself?

I have friends who are fair dinkum biological grandparents already.  They started having children when they were in their late teens, early 20s, and their kids have also started having children young.  Derek had Chelsea around the age of 23. But then I have friends who are becoming parents for the first time in their 40s. For many different reasons they started their journey into parenthood late.

I was in that middle ground. Tahlia was a brand new baby in my arms when I turned 30, and Darby came along at the age of 34.  So given they are only 13 and 8, the idea of me being a Granny is kinda foreign.  But of course given I've been in Chelsea's life since she was 6, and the fact that she is married now and is 24, you'd think I'd be prepared for the new title.

But I'm not. It's going to take some getting used to.

There is no way I am going to be called Grandma ...

Ever thought of what you will be called? 

What should I be called?

Oh my God! I just realised I am now going to be sleeping with somebody's grandfather!! EEeeeekkk. 


  1. My sister in law was very upset that her parents in law wanted the kids to call them by their first names. My mum became Grampy as Granny was MY granny, deceased but still Granny to me. My mother in law became Nonna, even tho Nonna is still alive so there is big Nonna and Little Nonna...Nomikers are weird at the best of times. I'd go with Captain. Or Ninja Lydia...if you're not going with the flow, may as well go with what you like!

  2. love the observation on the grandfather!

  3. My great grandmother didn't want to be called Grandma so she was Mumma - she ended up being Mumma to all of the great grandkids too :)

    I like Nan - it's got a cool edge to it

  4. We call ours Nannie... Even now when we are closer to our thirties it's still Nannie... I think she loves it, just quietly!


  5. Haha this is so going to be me, I am only 34 and my step son is 16 eeek, please have late babies!

  6. How about GiGi?...Mimi?...whatever he/she calls you, you will be awesome!

  7. I haven't even thought about it. I'd like to think by the time it comes around I'll be cool with Grandma. I doubt it though. Rachel xx

  8. My Mum's mum is Granny and my parents are Nanny and Poppy. My Granny became a granny at 40 (she had my mum young) so she wanted something that sounded a little more 'hip'.

  9. When we were children we had an Upstairs Gran and Downstairs Gran to distinguish between my folks Mom's - no granddad's as they were both dead.
    My Mom is now Gogo and my Dad is Papa to our daughter - I wouldn't mind being a Nannie / Gogo if K ever had children although she has sworn off them so not sure I will ever be in this predicament !!
    Have a great day !
    PS - popping over frm #IBOT

  10. My Dad is Gramps (in case he needs to change it to Grumps lol), my Mum is Gran. My 3yo has trouble with the "r" so it's more like "Gan" which is kind of cute. I'd suggest to choose something which is a bit tricky to say and then be an early adopter of their mispronounced versions :)

  11. lol..sleeping with a grandfather. Nanna is what my Mum is called, I had my first at 20, she was 39! Congratulations, I'm sure you will enjoy your grannyhood :)

  12. with children heading into their twenties, I guess I will also face this dilema soon. I am leaning towards Nan. Thanks for the laugh about sleeping with Grandpa.

  13. Hm, I just thought I would be Grandma, as it my mother, and her mother. Kind of a tradition for the maternal side of the family.

  14. My sister became a grandmother two years ago at the age of 38. She wanted to be Mee-mah but I think she is nanny now.
    Nanny is cool.
    Oh and congratulations! That is rather exciting news. :)

  15. Thanks everyone! That was a really useful "discussion". I should have mentioned that Derek's folks are Granny and Grandad, and my folks are Nanny and Pop. Of course Chelsea and Pat may have firm views on what they want us to be called. But I am definitely leaning towards something like GiGi, MiMi (thanks Bodnars), LiLi or Nanny Lee Lee. That's if I have a say in it ...

  16. Bahaha! I love your closing comment. Too funny!

    My mum was a grandmother at 42, all thanks to me. I'm 42 next February, and will now achieve my goal of NOT becoming 'grandma' as young as my mum did. Go me! Fingers crossed I'll at least make it to 43 before it happens.

    Mum wanted to be Nan... so people would just think her name was Nancy. It isn't ;-)


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