Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day 1116 - Australian All Star Cheerleading Championships

It's make or break time.  The grand final.  

This weekend is the peak for the Australian cheer leading community with the Australian All Star Cheer leading Championships being held at Sydney Olympic Park.  They've got over 4800 athletes registered. It's huge! For me that means grand final time, for my school squad, my daughter's squad AND for Cheer Chick Charlie.

Yes, it is three hats that I wear this weekend.  That of mum, coach and business owner. Actually, it is four hats if you count the role of author.


Tahlia is competing with Sirens Cheerleaders this weekend in what they hope will be their best performances yet. This has been a big cheer year for Tahlia with all her cheer dreams coming true.  While the school squad prepared her for the sport, she has tripled her stunting and tumbling skill capabilities with the new squad and this weekend she gets to show it off and shine brighter than she's ever shone before. Proud mummy alert.


As the Principal Adviser of the Good Shepherd Cheer squad I am of course coordinating our involvement (with the help of the other coaches) plus I will be coaching one team as well.  That means a dawn start on both Saturday and Sunday with the scholastic teams due to perform at 7.00am. Yep, that will be a 4.00am start to meet the squad around 5.45am ready for stretching, make up and warm up.   We've got around 95 cheerleaders competing this year across four teams and we're very excited (albeit a tad nervous). Not looking forward to the early wake-ups. There is no rest for the wicked.

Business Owner

The Australian National Championships is the perfect place to showcase Cheer Chick Charlie so of course we'll be setting up a vendor stall.  Given the comp runs from 7.00am to 11.00pm both days that means a hell of a long weekend.  I am busily getting the merchandise together in readiness for the tetris puzzle that will be the back of our car.  I'm also busily Facebook advertising and getting last minute signage and marketing material ready.


Cheer Chick Charlie book four "Competition Time" is being released this weekend for the first time.  We've sent out press releases around Sydney this week in the hope that perhaps one tiny newspaper might take a nibble.  Just a nibble. That's all we need.  In celebration of the release, and of Nationals, we are putting together some special books pack including Charlie' MEGA Gift Pack which will include all four books, all four motivational post cards, all four motivational wrist bands and a Cheer Chick Charlie hair bow.  The only thing is, I don't actually have book four in my hands yet.  Isn't that fascinating?  Indeed ....

But with the power of positive thinking I am sure I will putting those packs together by dinner time today.

So that's what I'll be up to this weekend.

Right now I have another meeting with some wonderful technical people who are looking to help me bring Charlie into EBook format AND to help me create an iPad app.  So cool. Then it's packing, packing, packing ... and picking up 2000 copies of book four.

(I wonder if I can fit a spray tan in there as well. You know, the important stuff. Coz as we know, a BBQ chook looks a whole lot more appetising than a boiled one.)


  1. How exciting on all counts!

    I hope it all goes really well, and Cheer Chick Charlie gets some great exposure.

  2. Good Luck! My 5 year old started Kids Cheer this year, and she's loving it. :)

  3. Exciting stuff!! Goodluck this weekend!

  4. Go, Cheer Chick Charlie! Always love reading about the awesome business projects you've got going on! Good luck this weekend, Leanne!

  5. Sounds like a huge weekend ahead. Good luck with everything!

  6. Wow Leanne, it sounds amazing! All the best, I hope the weekend is a success all round. Your energy is inspiring. :-)


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