Friday, October 26, 2012

Day 1117 - Sydney Bound

I'm not going to lie. I'm stressed.

I'm not sure if I'm eustressed or distressed.  The excitement, awe, anticipation is all there signalling a eustress diagnosis.  But the feeling of anxiety, worry, fear and far too much responsibility  is very much  sitting at the surface suggesting I may be distressed as well.  Anyway, whether it's positive stress or negative stress, let's just say I'm feeling stressed.

Today as we head to Sydney for the championships (see yesterday's post) I would like to show huge amounts of gratitude to:

  • The Good Shepherd Primary School cheer coaches who prepare the kids and share the load. Especially Belinda who makes a great Principal Coach.  She keeps me calm(er).
  • The Sirens team who are old-hands at this Nationals caper and seem to have everything under control. 
  • Mum and Derek for gifting me their weekend, brains, muscle and sales skills to get the Charlie stall set up and functioning while I am coaching.
  • Dad for sharing his weekend with Darby so that he can still play soccer and doesn't have to hang around cheerleaders for the next 72 hours. 
Now that I've written all that down I can see I really have nothing to be stressed about at all.  I could actually attain cucumber status if I let myself.  Everything is absolutely under control! Even my stress is within my control. It's time for me to become that sunshiny yellow smiling ball up there. 

Phew.  This gratitude caper really does work wonders.


  1. Just remember its never too early for a glass of wine when your travelling! Dont stress everything will be ok x
    P.S. I received the hair pack and washed my hair last night and it is all soft and silky and I feel all pretty today, thanks so much :)

  2. Good Luck to you, Tahlia and the team. I hope the competition and the launch go well.

    Hope Darby has fun with his soccer and your Dad.


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