Friday, November 2, 2012

Day 1124 - Dynamite Dave

Meet Dynamite Dave - Australia's first Cheerlebrity.

Dynamite Dave - Photo from "The Project"
What is a cheerlebrity?  It is quite simply a cheer celebrity.  I'm not sure it's in the dictionary yet, but you can be rest assured it will be soon.  Who is Dynamite Dave? Well, he is this amazing boy who has captured the hearts of the Australian cheer community and beyond with his enthusiasm, commitment and pure spirit, and there is no doubt that he is Australia's first cheerlebrity.

Dynamite Dave is 21 year old David Pizarcoff and he has Downs Syndrome which means he has different challenges to face than the everyday Aussie.  He was recently introduced to the sport of cheerleading by his father who is Peter Pizarcoff, owner of CustomTrax, and the "man behind the microphone" at all the All Star cheerleading competitions in Australia.  Included in the Dynamite Dave package is a very supportive and encouraging cheer coach, Sonia Roarty from Cheer Factor in Victoria.

The Victorian cheer community have known Dave for a little while now, but the Australian cheerleading community were only introduced to Dave last weekend at the National Championships.  The entire stadium erupted as Dave walked on to the floor to lift his flyer into the air for a bunch of stunts and tricks.  There were cheers of encouragement and awe, and tears of pride and delight from men, women and children, as Dave showed the world that the challenges he faces aren't going to stop him from participating in the sport he loves.

When Dave was born his parents were advised of all the things he would never be able to do.  When told he would never be able to use a trampoline, his father went and bought him a trampoline.  Told he would never play sport, his Dad introduced him to sport.

Dave is a shining example of the phrase "never say never".  He is proof that anything is possible and to achieve things in life all you need is commitment, spirit, belief and a whole lot of action.  Every one of us has challenges, some are just different than others.  As Dave's cheer coach says, David is "differently challenged".

There's no way you can say this boy will never be a cheerleader, because in a competition with 5000 athletes competing at a national level, Dave showed Australia that he had everything he needed to mix with the best.

Dynamite Dave and team - photo from Dynamite Dave Facebook page
As Dynamite Dave stood around the edges of the competition high fiving the kids as they walked off the competition floor, I knew in an instant that this bloke was our first ever cheerlebrity.

For more Dynamite Dave be sure to watch Channel Ten's "The Project" tonight at 6.00pm.  You can also follow him on Facebook.

His story will inspire you ....


  1. Thank you for writing this story up - I'm not associated with the cheer world in any way, but I love hearing stories of people who are encouraged, inside themselves and by the people around them, to do extraordinary things :)

  2. What a great inspirational story!!! I had tears of happiness!!!! Definitely going to watch it tonight!!

    FYBF :)

  3. That is a great story - great to know that his family have always supported him and have never stopped him from trying new things. He is an awesome cheerlebrity!

  4. Didn't know we even had a cheer community but good for him (and really for anyone who keeps getting out and trying new things).
    Nice post!

  5. Awesome post! You are one of my "plus fours" on FYBF, swinging by to say Oha and lovely to "meet" you - this post was really heartwarming! Kx

  6. Good on Dave and his family for showing everyone that a disability doesn't define who someone is nor what they can achieve. I'll be sure to check in tonight to watch him in action! Thanks so much Leanne for introducing him x

  7. Thank you for sharing an awesome story. Inspirational.

  8. A very touching and inspirational blog on Dave. And what an inspiration he and his family are! I was one of those people at the championships who had the pleasure of watching Dave perform and I was also one of those with tears rolling down my face. Unfortunately, I did not get to watch him on TV but hope that it did him proud.

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