Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Day 1128 - Melbourne Cup Today

Today is a big day ...

For a start it is Tuesday and for bloggers that means IBOT with Essentially Jess.  It's also a big day because it's Melbourne Cup day (of course) which means there will be a fascinator in my immediate future.  It's also a big day because Halo 4* was released today and for the boy in my life that is far greater than the horse race that stops a nation. It's also a big day because today is the day I started to launch Cheer Chick Charlie into the USA**. And finally, today is a big day because for Husband and I it is our meet-o-versary. Oh yeah, and there's that $100 million lotto draw taking place tonight.

For those of you who have been following my blog for a long time you'll know the story.  You can read about it here. Basically we saw each other across a crowded bar at the end of a messy Melbourne Cup function at the Canberra Race Track.  That was 18 years ago. Eeek! And here we are still together.

In celebration of our meet-o-versary we are heading once again to the track.  I sit here typing this with my hair in rollers wearing a singlet and yoga pants.  So you'll have to wait until tomorrow for the photos.  But be rest assured there will be a fascinator, and jewelry, and some sort of floral clothing.  I won't unfortunately be wearing a frock and stilletoes as my on-line dress order didn't turn up in time and the thought of standing in heels for hours makes my toes curl. Instead it will be cream pants, blouse and a nice safe wedge.

It is a big day for many many reasons.  Not the least of which it is celebrating a meeting that has stood the test of time.

So today when I raise my glass it will not only be for IBOT, nor the horse that won, nor the XBox game to beat all XBox games, nor will it be to toast my US venture nor impending Lotto win. Today when I raise my glass it will be to toast the friend I met 18 years ago and with whom tomorrow I will have been married to for 14 years.

Cheers Derek!

*When Darby won the footy tipping money all he could think about was buying Halo 4. So he put the money aside and at midnight last night his very faithful father stood outside EB Games for when it opened its middle-of-the-night-doors and made sure he was one of the first to purchase it. Darby is one very happy little man today.

** In true testament that behind every challenge is an opportunity, after my hell day of damage control yesterday I was able to ensure Charlie got major coverage in The Cheer Leader magazine in the USA, plus I am in negotiations of a wonderfully gorgeous US based cheerlebrity who is keen to be a Charlie ambassador.  Let's just say it's been a roller coaster 24 hours which has ended in a smile. 


  1. what a beautiful story and a great way to remember your meeting! xx


  2. Congratulations!!! What a great story and a fantastic reminder of you meet-o-versary. Go Cheer Chick Charlie!

  3. It is a big day - I already have blisters from my heels and a headache from my facinator but hey its the Cup has to be done :) Happy meetaversary, and all the other happenings for you. All except the $100M sorry Im going to win that!

  4. What a great meeting story. I'll chink chink to that too.

  5. Great story and congratulations!

  6. Oh cheers to all of those and congratulations on your meetoversary.
    Very exciting about Cheer Chick Charlie too! Hope that goes well :)


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