Friday, November 9, 2012

Day 1131 - The Week That Was

It's been a crazy week for Deep Fried Fruit 

(C) Deep Fried Fruit
This is what a crazy week looks like when you're deep fried
A roller coaster ride that continues on this Friday and may well go into the weekend.

We had the races and our meetaversary, as well as the release of Halo 4 and the "launch" of our Cheer Chick Charlie Facebook store.  We have had Tahlia's bedroom stripped bare and remodeled with a whole lot of help from Nanny (more about that tomorrow).  We've had me finding out that Cheer Chick Charlie isn't the only cheer Charlie in the business with someone recently introducing Cheer Girl Charlie in the USA and I've been on "damage control ever since".  There's been a lot of liaison with the USA over trademarks, copyright, advertising and getting support for our Aussie cheerleader. There has also been discussion with China over expanding our product range, as well as some liaison with locals regarding iPad apps.  And this morning I am hosting some local reporters at our house for my niece Jessica as she is interviewed and photographed prior to donating her pony tail to the Beautiful Lengths campaign.  Oh, and husband has just departed on his annual boys weekend away.

Yeah, it's been a crazy week.  Welcome to the world of Deep Fried Fruit.

Ulcer anyone?


  1. Once you're on a roll, you may as well keep rollin' (or is that what the steam roller says to the road?)

  2. Now that is a busy week. I am tired just from reading it. You have a great blog here. Glad you came to mine and I could then find yours.


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