Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day 1135 - A total eclipse

 I am feeling agitated as once again as I wait in the shadows ...

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It seems I'm so used to taking care of business that when there is a point in time when everything I am working on grounds to a halt because I'm waiting on others, I don't quite know what to do with myself.    I stop dead.  I get agitated. A huge shadow is cast over my day.  Sort of like tomorrow's solar eclipse.

As the Far North Queensland folk prepare for their complete solar eclipse, I sit here in what I'll call an "action eclipse" and wait. I am awaiting on legal advice before I can move in one direction; I am awaiting sign off from someone's manager before I can move in another direction; I am awaiting quotes from my agent in China before I can make decisions about product orders; and I am awaiting information from various parties before I can complete my grant application for a scoping tour of the USA.  The moon seems to be sitting on top of my sun blocking out my light.  I'm in the dark.  Just waiting.

Have you ever seen a total eclipse?

I seem to remember one when I was about six years old and living Albury.  I remember being given strict instructions not to look into the sky or I might go blind.  I recall the world going dark in the middle of the day and it was eerie. I don't know how long it lasted but it only seemed to go for a minute or two. Or perhaps I was whisked indoors and out of "harms" way.

The eclipse tomorrow is apparently going to last for three hours.  They say there are "eclipse junkies" from all over the world coming to watch as the sun, moon and Earth align at around 6.39am local Queensland time.   According to www.news.com.au the eclipse will cast a shadow 150km wide. 

"The eclipse begins over the Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory, moves eastwards across the Gulf of Carpentaria and then crosses Queensland shortly after dawn. More than 50,000 tourists from Europe, Asia and the US have traveled to the far north to enjoy two minutes of “totality” – weather dependent. Hotels are completely full, cruise liners are moored offshore and forty hot air balloons will take to the sky above the Atherton Tableland."

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Sounds amazing and definitely a once in a life time experience. This celestial phenomenon will be the calm before everything explodes into amazingly brilliant sunshine.  Perhaps I should just wait and enjoy my metaphorical eclipse while it lasts and marvel in the serenity.   Maybe my eclipse is also leading to something amazing and will be a once in a life time thing.  

Hmmmm ....

I feel less agitated now.  Thanks for listening ... 

Read more about the Solar Eclipse here: http://www.news.com.au/travel/australia/watch-the-far-north-queensland-solar-eclipse-live/story-e6frfq89-1226515142164#ixzz2C2UybTJS


  1. I say, if you've done all you can but other people are road blocking you, take a break. See it as an opportunity for some precious time out. Once things get moving again you'll flat out.
    I have memories of a a solar eclipse in the mid 1970s when I was in primary school (Hello Gen X). I distinctly remember being told over and over not to look directly at the sun. Better find your biggest sunglasses for this event!

  2. i can't say that i have ever seen a solar eclipse, but i like your phrase, action eclipse. We sound very similiar in that sense - it can be very frustrating xx


  3. I go to the Observatory a lot. I love it. One of the many things I love is that it puts our insignificance into perspective. If you want an existential kick, it's the place to go. Perhaps you should get up and watch it (appropriate eye wear please - I don't think sunglasses are enough. For the transit of venus we got the superblackout eyewear that the kids found hilarious as you actually couldn't see a thing thru except when looking at the sun) and maybe it will bring you peace with the frustration of the holding pattern.

  4. We've got our Eclipse glasses and are ready. Don't know if we will get to see it, as it was cloudy today, but the kids are stoked about it.

    I was at school when there was an eclipse in the 70s. We had to stay indoors with the blinds shut, but they lets us get out a piece of cardboard with a pin prick through it to view the eclipse from between the slats of the blinds.

  5. Nice metaphor! Enjoy the peace and may it give strength as the pace picks up! Good info about the eclipse too!

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  7. It would be really cool to be a part of that.

    Try to enjoy the waiting, sounds like you will have your hands full when people fulfill their obligations and then it's go time for you.

  8. I hope this does bring wonderful things. Apparently it is a great time for meditation, so sit back still your mind and wait for the great stuff to begin :)
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  9. Dit is voor het eerst dat ik "Day 1135 - A total eclipse"
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  10. It's awful when you feel like you're in limbo, and particularly waiting for others to get their butts into gear.
    Glad getting it off your chest help.
    Hope the doors will open for you soon xxx


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