Thursday, November 15, 2012

Day 1137 - Beautiful Lengths

Student gets the chop for charity

Beautiful Lengths - Jessica Langdown - Kissing her pony tail goodbye
This week saw the launch of Australia's inaugural "National Donate Your Hair Week" with Pantene's Beautiful Lengths initiative, where people with long hair donated their pony tails to be converted to real hair wigs for women with cancer.  You will recall I wrote about it here and here.

My beautiful niece Jessica Langdown put her hand up for this act of kindness when she heard me talking about it in the car a month or so ago.  I am a big fan of the campaign given my own mother's fight with leukemia and subsequent hair loss (and synthetic wig).  Not to mention the many people in my life who have suffered cancer since then. Being able to do something to help empower women while they're feeling so low is the ultimate positive energy activator.

As you can see from that article up there Jessica donated 20cm of her hair to the cause this week. This was a big step for Jessica as her is EVERYTHING to her. She's the girl that gets back from the beach and heads straight to the shower, not because she wants to get the sand off her body, but because she needs to condition her hair.  Its beautiful hair. We are very proud of her.

Jessica was in good company this week as women around the country pledged their hair.  Monday saw a hair donation event take place at Martin Place in Sydney where 54 women turned up to have the chop and hang out with Pantene Ambassadors Barney Martin and Zoe Foster.  These ladies were rewarded for their efforts with a hair make-over from Barney and his team, with some beauty tips provided by Zoe.

Pantene Beautiful Lengths official photo 

Pantene Beautiful Lengths official photo
Jessica didn't have Barney or Zoe by her side, but she did have her mum and cousins (and me of course) and the support of Melissa from Sophisticuts Hair Salon in Spence, ACT.  Melissa donated her time and Jessica's final hair cut to be part of the cause.  She wasn't aware of the campaign prior to our contact, but she is keen to get involved again next year and will definitely be spreading the word.

Jessica's support crew

Melissa from Sophisticuts Hair Salon supports Jessica
and the Beautiful Lengths Campaign
Jessica has already inspired at least one other person in the ACT to take the plunge.  Because of her article in the Canberra Chronicle another twelve year old school girl has made contact with Sophisticuts to have her pony tail cut off and donated today.  Jessica's gift is already having flow on effects.

Here is a video I put together of Jessie's cut.  Hopefully it might inspire a few more!

Note: My posts are not paid posts. My support for Beautiful Lengths comes from within. 


  1. Good for all those young girls having a social conscience. And also something that directly impacts on them...

  2. What a great cause, and also what a great way to encourage altruism in young girls. xx

  3. Oh well done Jessica! What a star. I am too selfish to cut my I really think what you did was beautiful.

  4. I wrote about Beautiful lengths too - Jessica is awesome.

    I'll add a link to your post in mine too.

  5. This really is the coolest initiative. I wish my hair was long enough because I totally would. I prefer to keep my hair short but I am currently growing it for a friends wedding that I am bridesmaid at in March so hopefully once my duties are over my hair will be long enough to donate when I cut it off again. My sister is also going to donate hers when she gets it cut after her wedding is a few weeks.

  6. This is really marvellous. Hey I could do that too, well, a few centimetres. It's enough to make me want to grow my hair to do it. I have a friend who's well now, but she loved her wig. I saw her last weekend and now I'm signed up to do a 2.7km swim for a cancer charity through CanToo. Help!!

  7. Go Jessie - I know how fond teen girls are of their hair.

  8. Thanks for sharing! I really wish I could do this but my hair literally never grows. What an amazing niece you have.


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