Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Day 1142 - Work from home Mum - Balance

Turning to-dos into ta-dahs in ALL the boxes

We usually become work-at-home-mums to be around our kids, to be able to keep running the house and to get some balance in our lives.  The theory behind it all is fantastic.  The practice can be  little tricky.

I guess it depends what business it is that you're running, but I am finding that lately there is rarely any balance. The scales are usually tipped one way or the other. 

You've heard me talk about being a work at home mum plenty of times. When it comes to my space, the time, the responsibility .... the space.  

There are only six hours in my business day which is when the kids are at school. Yes, I do actually have those six hours which is a bonus.  I am not trying to work with toddlers at my feet. Having said that, it is crazy just how quickly those six hours disappear into a puff of smoke when you are combining your household manager role with that of business owner.  And then the rest of the day is taken up with all the other WAHM responsibilities such as actually being a mum, a tutor. a taxi driver, sports coach and chef. Oh, and then apparently there is that role of "wife" as well that we're supposed to dedicate some time to.  It's a balancing act, and one that I have the tendency to get wrong a lot of the time.

I have no trouble on the business front. I LOVE what I do.  The trick for me is ensuring I give enough dedication to the other boxes as well.  In some ways I actually found it easier heading off to work in a full time day job, because then the lines were clear.  You go to work to work. You go home to do the rest.  When you are a WAHM the lines are not always so clear. So today I have created my new to-do list.  I am going back to basics where I list something in every box (instead of just concentrating on the business owner box).  I used to do it ... I just got lost in a purple Deep Fried fog for a while with all things Charlie

It seems simple enough. Hell the check-list looks MORE than achievable. Of course I have a whole other checklist for each category, but for now we keep it simple.  Because it can be simple if we let it.  

Today is "To-Do-Ta-Dah-Tuesday" - where I turn a to-do into a ta-dah in every WAHM category.

(C) Deep Fried Fruit
Today's work-at-home-mum checklist - the balancing act

Do you know how excruciatingly hard it is to only have ONE business task listed? That yellow one is my priority. I may get more done, but it is not allowed to be at the detriment of any of the others.  Can someone please pass me a brown paper bag ... 

Do you work from home?

How do you keep your balance? 


  1. you can do it, and you will get your groove back - i have every faith! xx


  2. Oh man I get this. I'm not officially a WAHM, but I think I'm crossing the line into it slowly. I have to write a to -do list everyday, or things just don't happen!!!

  3. Feels sooooo good to cross things off or check things off your to-do list. I am a "crosser offer"...LOVE when I get to cross that item off my list. Have a HUGE list going right now for Thanksgiving. Having 18 people coming for dinner definately requires a to-do list.


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