Thursday, November 22, 2012

Day 1144 - Death of a Laptop

Yesterday my computer went black.  

Lights out.  Knock, knock, knock?  Nobody's home ...

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I don't even want to think about the stuff on that computer that I haven't backed up yet.  Of course there are the photos, and the contact lists, and the work files.  All the emails I store on Outlook in folders. My laptop was backed up around five months ago and many of my favourite photos are on Facebook. But it's the Charlie stuff.  It's the books I have written and the work I have done in the last five months that may not be backed up.  That kinda sucks ...

Do me a favour. Go back up your computer. Today.  While I sit here biting my nails hoping the doctor can resuscitate my work colleague.


  1. Did it just go 'black' as in the screen, or does it not fire up at all?? If its the former, plug it into a TV or a desktop monitor, if its the later, it could be as simple as the power source has surged...

    EITHER are better than getting the 'Blue Screen of Death' (if it is a Windows based laptop of course...)!

    Keep us informed!!!

  2. It went black but you could hear the "motor" still running. We tried attaching a new screen to see if it was just the screen (including toggling between screens). Nothing. It is now at the laptop doctor who are getting all my data off it. Apparently it is dying a slow and painful death. Time for a new one. Sigh ... Preferably one with keys as I had literally typed the keyboard off my old one.


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