Friday, November 23, 2012

Day 1145 - Bike Bum

The older I get, the more uncomfortable it is to ride a bike ....

There is absolutely no skirting around the subject - one of the perils of aging is that bike bum gets worse the older you get.  Am I right? Or is this something unique to Deep Fried Fruit?

I've had trouble riding my bike for a while.  You can find a couple of posts about it here and here. My lovely husband went and bought me a gel filled seat cover to try and combat the whole bike bum conundrum which I used for the first time yesterday.  In the spirit of Thanksgiving and giving gratitude I would have to say the new seat was definitely a bonus (but not a cure).  While it was initially quite soothing, I still have bits that feel chafed and bruised and broken.  My pants region just isn't designed for an on-ya-bike experience.

I've been lacking in the whole exercise department mainly because of needing the time for other things (namely business).  So I have been finding ways to force exercise upon myself by making it less about me and more about someone else.  Like walking the dog for example.  Like doing push ups, sit ups and hand weights so that I can lift people in my cheerleading classes. And like riding to and from the school so that Darby can have the "ride to school" experience.

We live a little too far from his school for him to ride on his own.  There are a number of busy roads to cross and it's not an easy trip.  We're around 5-6 kms away. To get to school we use the bike path system from our house.  We go down under the road and then up to the path where we follow the main road in a steady incline for a couple of k's, crossing a set of traffic lights and a round-about.  Then we turn and cross a bridge and cross another two roads before slipping down the bike path under the road and around a residential and parkland area up the hill to the school. It's a tough ride to the school, but an easy "weeeeeeeeee" type ride home given it's all down hill.

Rather than put Darby through the uphill ride, I put his bike in the back of the car yesterday morning and dropped him off, then I road up on my own in the afternoon to collect him.  It was half way through the incline that I started to notice my bike bum.  I swear it never felt like that as a kid.  Which is odd given I had far less padding on my arse in those days. You'd think with the extra booty I've grown in my after-birthing years the bike bum would be reduced. Or is it because I have more bum now which means the discomfort is multiplied?

And of course there's those other in-pants-bits that get smashed and squished.

I don't know. But in this diary of a fit, fabulous and slightly fatigued 40(ish) year old, I am declaring to the world at large that bike bum sucks and you might want to consider a pair of down-filled-undies with a built in pillow and perhaps even some sort of donut ring to sit on before you even consider taking on this form of exercise.

How's your bike bum?

Blogger bum perhaps? 


  1. This is something I don't even want to think about - I caught my rear view in the double mirrors of a shopping centre toilet by accident once and was depressed for a week...

  2. Know what you mean about the gel seats. helps a little bit but definitely not a cure! my bike riding days might be close to over! In saying that I'm contemplating a triathlon in January so probably a ways to go yet.

  3. I hear ya! I'm in my 40's and recently joined a gym. I find myself avoiding the bikes coz they DO hurt my bum (and their bike seats are well padded!). I don't remember having this problem when I was younger. Why could this be...very strange? Good luck with your exercise regime!

  4. I have a bony bum (so i've been told - forbidden from perching on other's laps cos I poke them) so bike bum is a very familiar phenomenon for me. I don't even try and go anywhere on a bike but I'm ok at the gym pedalling nowhere, since I can lean all the way back on the most padded part!

    I'm working on some squats to try and get some more junk in my trunk ... might help a bit more than the gel seats?

  5. We bought bikes many years ago and I had a gel seat which was reasonably OK. Then we landed up getting road bikes because we were cycling upwards of 150km per week and my butt was always sore.
    If you google 'ladies bike seats' you should find some bikes seats with holes in them - those are excellent for keeping your lady bits feeling so much better when you are on the bike. You can get them with gel in the seat bit so long as you have the hole in them - makes a HUGE difference.
    Hope this helps - have a great day !
    #FYBF visitor

  6. Usually it's fine. I can ride a bike without any negative affects. But, I took a break for a while and went on my first ride yesterday. Ouch!! Still feeling it today. I don't think it help that I also waxed yesterday. Too much going on down there. Rachel x

  7. I honestly thought it was just me - it's one of the reasons that I've never been a fan of our exercise bike, it's too uncomfortable! Glad to know that I'm not the only victim of "bike bum"!

  8. Gad, that explains everything! I thought I had my exercise bike seat on the wrong notch but I think I'm just in denial about my age! I'll have to look into these gel seats for my bike, I think. Thanks for the reminder, Leanne! :) x

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