Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Day 1149 - Waxing

It's time for the big wax-off
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We took the kids to the pool on the weekend and I wasn't at all prepared.  I have yet to get into swimwear shape which not only includes those extra 4kgs I put on over winter and the lily white skin, but also a severe need for hair removal.

I spent much of the time with my lovely floral cover-all draped over my lap with the sleeves stuck between my legs so that I didn't offend anyone with my winter growth.  As my beautician says - there is no need for  koala ears. Especially between the legs (poor koala).

So today I headed off to my trusty beautician Deb at Energised Tanning and Beauty and she waxed, tweezed and dyed in an attempt to get me swimwear ready and summer beautiful for the heat that has suddenly blanketed Canberra*.  She is the gentlest waxer I have ever had the pleasure to meet.

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My summer beauty preparation with Deb includes bikini wax**, eye brow shape and eye brow tint.  I shave my own legs and Nair my own facial hair. Which is to save money for important things like spray tans! But that will have to wait until closer to Christmas and instead I will use a tanning cream for my legs to ward off the reflective white glow. I've also had my hair trimmed (this time we're talking about the hair on my head) and I've been rubbing oil into my feet to get rid of the crusts for attractive thong wear.***

I think I may actually be summer ready!

What's your summer beauty preparation? 

* We have managed to go from 15 degrees to 30 degrees in a week! Talk about body shock ..
** The g-string wax, not the Brazilian.  I refuse to go the whole way.  I'm far too Deep Fried for that stuff... 
*** Aussie thongs (flip flops) not the g-string variety as that is already covered under ** above. 


  1. Usually just do it myself, though I did get a spray tan before going to QLD last Christmas.

  2. wow! thats committment! you go girl!


  3. Good on you! I should wax more, but it's still Movember. (I am growing a moustache, just not on my face.)Also, I'm chicken, and I think that's why god made boy leg swimmers.

  4. Oh you are a brave woman! I can't stand the thought of waxing! I am a shaver all the way!

  5. I am giving hi-5 to Jess because I am a shaver too..can't stand the painful of waxing. Never tried it though..too scary lol!

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