Monday, December 3, 2012

Day 1155 - Mondayitis

Monday is my favourite day - there is no Mondayitis for me.

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I wonder why I love Monday so much, when my family all struggle to get themselves started at the start of the week?

To be honest I think it's because I get the house to myself.  The rest of the week sees my husband coming and going as he juggles between staying in the office and "working from home". But on a Monday I seem to have longer stretches of alone time.  It's not that I don't love him. I do. I just need time to work in my office without another energy filling my space.

I think the other reason I like Monday's is because of the "new start" that the new week brings.  There's a promise of a fresh beginning and a whole week in which to turn dreams into reality.  A fresh page of the diary in which to write my to-dos and tick off my ta-dahs.  A clean desk and a fresh mind.

I also like Monday's because I get to cleanse from the alcohol and food binges of the weekend.  It's when the salads kick back in, with yogurt and fruit and green tea (instead of bread, pizza and champagne).

Yeah, I really like Monday. But then again, I don't have to go off to someone else's building to do someone else's work to make someone else's business grow. I get to stay in my own building to do my own work to make my own family business grow.  Hopefully one day that will mean that Husband won't need to get Mondayitis anymore either. One day ...

I sure hope it works.  I don't want to have to go back to work for someone else. Been there, done that. Right now I like Mondays and I really don't want to start despising them.

It's a new week in which to create, achieve and grow.  
A brand new week to go, go, go ....

Bring it on!


  1. I wished that I could have the same outlook, especially today! The weekend was so hot and humid here in Sydney (you're lucky the nationals weren't this weekend), that I feel 'drained'!

    Luckily though, for me, tomorrow I am on a flex, but I do have to go to an 'Excellence in Environment' awards, where I am presenting an award, to remember my late wife's work in sustainability... So a good day ahead!

  2. Mondays suck and you suck for liking them! Yes Im a grumpy Monday morning person :)

  3. Hi Bernie. Yes, I am glad that Nationals is over and that it wasn't hot hot HOT when they were on. What a wonderful legacy for your late wife. That's so lovely. Have a great Tuesday :)

  4. Hi Michelle. Yeah, you're probably not alone there. Someone said they wanted to "Facebook slap" me the other day because I was way too happy on my statuses. Sorry about that ...

  5. I have a thing about Sunday. I'm not 100% sure why this is, but I think it harkens back to my childhood when, brought up in a religiously observant if not particularly devout household, Sunday was usually the quietest day of the week. I used to love Sundays for the sense of calm - although on too many occasions I would manage to sabotage myself by leaving my weekend homework until that very day. Homework, after all, tends to take the shine off most things.
    Once into the adult world, Sundays seemed - and still seem - to have an air of restfulness about them (at least in the neighbourhood, if not at the shopping malls). I've always enjoyed finding a quiet part of the house (it's getting easier as the kids become more inclined to barricade themselves in their own rooms) and opening a newspaper, magazine (although there are precious few worthwhile magazines for the hairier sex these days) or a book.

    Mmmm...a book, sunlight through the window, knowing my lovely wife is relaxing either alongside or somewhere nearby...and a cup of good old English tea. A recipe for bliss for this M.A.M...


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